Motifs for "Fire": 481

X Code Original Cultures
 A52.1.2 Angel Michael created from fire Jewish
 A52.1.5 Angel of destruction created from hail and fire Jewish
 A52.3 Material of which angels are created (fire, water and snow) Jewish
 A123.1.7 Goddess with three supernatural bodies: fire, cliff, sea Hawaii
 A124.3 Goddess with body full of fire India
 A136.3.1 Chariot of fire drawn by four steeds of fire Jewish
 A137.14.1 God represented with bow of fire Jewish
 A137.17 God represented as among seven sheaths of fire Jewish
 A139.8.3 Smoldering fire of volcano as head of goddess Hawaii
 A199.3 Deity‘s child becomes fire as soon as he is born India
 A493 God of fire Armenian, Buddhist, Chinese, Finno-Ugric, Greek, Hawaii, Hindu, Huichol, Iceland, India, Jewish, Maori, Persian, Russian, Siberian, Tahiti
 A493.0.1 Angel of fire Jewish
 A493.1 Goddess of fire Oceanic, India
 A622 Universe created out of fire world Iceland
 A661. Doors of heaven guarded by rivers of fire Ireland
 A661. Veils of fire and ice before chief door of heaven Ireland
 A661.0.1.4 Abersetus as guardian of river of fire at one of the doors of heaven Ireland
 A671.0.2.1 Fire in hell Lithuanian
 A671.2.2.3 Rivers of fire in hell Ireland
 A671.2.4 The fires of hell Ireland
 A671.2.4.1 Sea of fire in hell Ireland
 A671.2.4.2 Islands in sea of fire in hell Ireland
 A671.2.4.13 Four fires in hell Ireland
 A700.3 A woman has four children: sun, moon, fire, and water India
 A700.7 Sun, moon, and stars nourished on fire Fang
 A712 Sun as fire rekindled every morning Australian
 A712.1 Moon from light, sun from fire Jewish
 A714.3 Sun from fire flung into sky Siberian
 A714.5 Sun as grindstone full of fire India
 A722.5.1 Sun bathes in stream of fire at night Jewish
 A733.3 Two faces of the sun: fire, directed toward earth; hail, directed toward heaven Jewish
 A741.3 Moon as grinder which brings fire out of the sun India
 A761.4 Stars as fires in the hearths of ghosts India
 A814.5 Earth from steam made by fire thrown into primeval water Tungus
 A857.1 Why earth becomes warm and wet: two huge copper vessels steaming over fire are underneath earth India
 A871.0.2 Unextinguishable fire at end of earth Mataco
 A969.3 Mountains and valleys formed from great fire India
 A975.2 Why certain rock produces fire when struck with steel
 A975.2.1 Fire producing rock result of contest between god of fire and god of rain India
 A1006.9 After world-fire life recreated from tree Fang
 A1019.4 Flood puts out world-fire Cubeo, Tucuna, Tupinamba
 A1030 World-fire North American, Araucanian, Babylonian, Bacairi, Brazil, Chinese, Greek, Hindu, Iceland, India, Jewish, Lithuanian, Maori, Mataco, Siberian, Toba, Tucuna, Yuracare
 A1031 Causes of world-fire
 A1031.1 A “flame of fire swifter than a blast of wind” as punishment for the sin of the Irish Ireland
 A1031.2 World-fire after theft of fire India
 A1031.3 Evil demons set world on fire Arawak
 A1031.4 Fall of sun causes world-fire Lengua, Mocoví
 A1031.4.1 All countries burned while the wife of sun god pours fire from a small bowl India
 A1031.5 World-fire because of man’s arrogance Fang
 A1031.6 Miscellaneous reasons for world-fire Chiriguano, Guarani, Inca, Toba
 A1035 Quenching the world-fire
 A1035.1 Rain invoked to destroy world-fire Melanesia
 A1035.2 Creator puts out world-fire with his staff Inca
 A1036 Earth recreated after world-fire Munderucu
 A1038 Men hide from world-fire and renew race Chiriguano, Fang, India, Swiss, Tupinamba
 A1039 World-fire--miscellaneous
 A1039.1 Vulture sent out as scout to see whether earth has cooled from world-fire
 A1068 Sun thrown on fire: period of darkness, rain California Indian
 A1115.3 Why the sea is salt: heavy rain showers on ashes of wood burnt by primeval fire Tupinamba, Tupi
 A1141.7 Lightning from fire Ashluslay, Tupinamba
 A1179.1.1 Twilight reflection of fires of hell Jewish
 A1221.5 Mankind from mating of frog and “daughter of fire African
 A1268.1 Tribe born from fire India
 A1337.8 Origin of illness from fire and cold Togo
 A1346.1 Man must work as punishment for theft of fire Greek
 A1414 Origin of fire South American, Aztec, California Indian, Chiriguano, Ireland, Jibaro, Kaska, Micronesia, Persian, Peru, Shasta, Sinkyone, Tahltan, Tropical Forests
 A1414.1 Origin of fire--rubbing sticks Greek, Jewish, Kaffir, Marquesas
 A1414.1.1 Fire drill invented Bushongo, California Indian, India, Toba, Kaskiha
 A1414.2 Origin of fire--found in person‘s own body Marquesas, New Guinea, Warrau
 A1414.3 Origin of fire--children strike rocks together, accidentally produce fire California Indian
 A1414.4 Origin of fire--gift from god (supernatural person) African, Bushongo, Cashibo, Chiriguano, Congo, Hawaii, India, Isabel Is., Maori, Sherente, Toba, Tumupasa, Warrau, Chamacoco
 A1414.6 Bird as guardian of primordial fire Guarani
 A1414.7 Repository of fire
 A1414.7.1 Tree as repository of fire California Indian, Chiriguano
 A1414.7.2 Rock as repository of fire California Indian
 A1414.7.3 Cave as repository of fire Marquesas
 A1415 Theft of fire African, Amazon, Australian, Botocudo, Bushongo, Caingang, Chiriguano, Congo, Finnish, Greek, Guaproré, Guarani, Hawaii, Hindu, Indonesia, Maori, Marquesas, Melanesia, Micronesia, New Guinea, Tapirapé, Tenetchara, Tonga, Tucuna, Ungava, Western Colombia, Woodlark Is., N. A. Indian, Chamacoco, Colombia
 A1415.0.1 Fire witheld from men as punishment Greek
 A1415.0.2 Original fire property of one person (animal) Chiriguano, Hawaii, Marquesas, Munderucu, Tapirapé, Warrau, Ashlushlay
 A1415.1 Fire stolen in hollow reed Eastern Ecuador, Ecuador, Greek, Tenetchara, N. A. Indian
 A1415.1.1 Fire carried from heaven in fingernails Jewish
 A1415.2 Theft of fire by animals Brazil, Carolina, Chiriguano, Eastern Brazil, Ekoi, England, Fang, Guarani, Lithuanian, New Guinea, North Carolina, Rhodesia, Toba, N. A. Indian
 A1415.2.1 Theft of fire by bird Cashinawa, India, Jivaro, Persian, Toba
 A1415.3 Theft of fire--trick exchange
 A1415.4 Vain attempts to circumvent theft of fire New Guinea, Polynesia
 A1546.6 Origin of fire worship Jewish
 A1614.8 Black tribe because woman is put on fire Chiriguano
 A1616.1 Cold before theft of fire impedes speech: explanation of difficulty of certain languages California Indian
 A1689.2 Why Agaria are not afraid of fire India
 A1861.2 Creation of monkeys: old woman thrown into fire Esthonian, Finnish, Flemish, German
 A2094 Creation of fireflies India
 A2211.12 Buffalo helps tiger quench fire: white mark left on buffalo‘s neck where tiger held on while being ducked in water India
 A2213.5.1 Mole struck on head in attempt to steal fire: hence his flat head Toba
 A2218.1.1 Animal scorches self while putting out fire in land of fire, woe and darkness Wales
 A2218.3 Animal who steals fire scorched: cause of his color India
 A2218.4 Coyote burnt when hay is set afire: hence yellow patch behind his ears Salinan
 A2218.5 Robin steals fire, has breast scorched England
 A2229.1 Dog rescues cow‘s teats from fire: origin of his black muzzle Estonian, Finnish
 A2229.4 Fly steals fire from spider: may eat everywhere Livonian
 A2253.1 Dog burned in jumping contest over fire: enmity between dog and hare
 A2286.1 Creation interrupted since God must go to a fire
 A2286.1.1 Creation of hog incomplete since God has to go to a fire: cause of hog‘s round snout Finnish
 A2426.3.6 Speech of fireflies India
 A2436 Why animals lack fire Fang
 A2468.3 Why dragon dies by means of fire Rhodesia
 A2471.3 Why hawk (vulture) hovers over camp-fire: seeks grandmother
 A2471.8 Why mason-wasp looks for fireplace Rhodesia
 B11.2.11 Fire-breathing dragon Iceland, Ireland
 B15.4.2.1 Dog with fire in eyes
 B15.5.1 Horse with fire-breathing nostrils Iceland
 B15.7.14 Bird with tail of fire Ireland
 B16.1.1.2 Cat leaps through man like arrow of fire and burns him to ashes Ireland
 B19.1 Brazen-footed, fire-breathing bulls
 B19.4.4 Hound flame of fire by night Ireland
 B172.10.1 Innumerable birds (black birds) fly into and out of tower (steeple) of fire Ireland
 B182.1.5 Dog that is hound by day and flame of fire by night Ireland
 B184.1.12 Magic horse goes through fire Iceland
 B364.2 Animal grateful for rescue from fire Italian
 B482.1 Helpful firefly Indonesia
 B526.1 Helpful animals quench execution fire
 B531.5 Birds save man from hunger by pitching themselves to roast in fire he has made India
 B596 Animal helps saint by setting fire to neglected church Ireland
 B742 Animal breathes fire
 B742.1 Lion breathes fire Breton
 B742.2 Birds spit fire England, Ireland
 B742.3 Fire-breathing horses
 B742.4 Fire-breathing dogs Ireland
 B768.2 Salamander subsists on fire Ireland, Jewish
 B788 Bats keep fireflies to light their houses India
 C51.1.3 Tabu: breathing on sacred fire British, Ireland
 C67 Tabu: neglect of sacred fires Hawaii
 C99.1.1 Tabu: urinating on fire (fire-god) India
 C542.2 Tabu: touching fire in other world Toba
 C751.1 Tabu: lighting fire at certain time Ireland, Jewish
 C751.1.1 Tabu: lighting fire before king lights one Ireland
 C851.2 Tabu: throwing “living fire” into river India
 C887 Tabu: being in same house with fire, weapon, dog Ireland
 C891.3 Tabu: urinating on fire India
 C934.3 Elves set country afire because of broken tabu Ireland
 D184.2 Transformation: man to firefly Tinguian
 D285 Transformation: man to fire Hottentot, India
 D285.0.1 Transformation: god to fire India
 D439.6 Fire takes the form of a woman and runs away India
 D452.1.7 Transformation: stone to firebrand Duala
 D457.12.1 Transformation: bone-dust becomes blazing fire India
 D457.17.1 Transformation: flesh to fire Jewish
 D469.5 Transformation: furnace of fire to garden Jewish
 D475.1.5 Transformation: fire to gold
 D478.3 Transformation: water to fire Ireland, Jewish
 D657.3 Transformation in order to steal fire Choco, Toba
 D712.2.1 Disenchantment by throwing into fire India
 D784 Disenchantment by lighting fire
 D1096 Magic firearms
 D1175.2 Magic fire-steel (flint, strike-a-light)
 D1271 Magic fire Breton, Fang, Iceland, Ireland, Jewish
 D1298 Magic firewood Ireland
 D1313.16 Magic pillar of fire indicates direction Jewish
 D1336.6 Magic fire gives weakness Ireland
 D1344.2.1 Magic drug gives immunity from fire and iron Greek
 D1380.1.1 Pillar of fire protects in desert Jewish
 D1382.1.0.1 Magic stones from holy well protect against loss by fire or water Ireland
 D1382.5 Magic fire does not burn one Breton, Ireland
 D1382.6.1 Magic garment protects from fire Chinese, Iceland, Jewish
 D1382.7 Song protects from fire Ireland
 D1382.7.1 Magic hymn protects from fire Ireland
 D1382.8 Magic stream quenches fire
 D1382.9 Magic cowl protects from fire Ireland
 D1382.11 Magic ring protects against fire Iceland
 D1382.13 Blood of salamander protects against fire Jewish
 D1391.1 Miraculous rain extinguishes fire used at stake Ireland
 D1402.0.1.1 Magic shield shoots balls of fire among enemies Ireland
 D1402.4 Magic fire kills Jewish
 D1408.1.1 Magic bark sets creek on fire and burns it up Chinese
 D1421.0.3 Magic hair when thrown into fire summons supernatural India
 D1421.1.2 Magic fire-steel summons genie
 D1445.6.2 Magic heavenly fire burns animals Jewish
 D1481.2 Magic object provides fire Chinese
 D1501.4 Magic fruit from Yggdrasil placed in fire makes childbirth easy Iceland
 D1540.2 Magic white, red and yellow stone causes hail, sunshine or fire, according to which side is scratched Iceland
 D1566 Magic object controls fire Ireland
 D1566.1 Magic object sets things afire
 D1566.1.1 Magic arrow sets fire to whatever it hits Menomini
 D1566.1.2 Magic fire-moccasins N. A. Indian
 D1566.1.3 Magic sword causes fire and smoke Chinese
 D1566.1.5 Shower of fire from magic anvil Ireland
 D1566.1.7 Holy water procures fire or light Iceland
 D1566.2 Magic object quenches fire
 D1566.2.1 Saint‘s bachall quenches fire Ireland
 D1566.2.2 Magic fan quenches fire Chinese
 D1566.2.3 Magic song quenches fire Iceland
 D1566.2.4 Runes quench fire (†D1266 Iceland
 D1566.2.6 Salamander’s blood quenches fire Jewish
 D1566.2.7 Magic girdle produces stream of water to quench fire Tuamotu
 D1601.6 Oven heats without fire
 D1601.7 Lamp (fire) lights itself Angola, India
 D1601.24 Automatic fire tongs Scotland
 D1641.10 Magic fire removes itself Ireland
 D1643.1 Stick of fire comes to river bank of itself India
 D1652.10.1 Inexhaustible firewood Ireland
 D1671 Silver in chain increases in fire England
 D1672 Unquenchable fire Jewish
 D1672.0.1 Magic fire burns for seven years Ireland, Jewish
 D1733.1 Magic power by jumping into fire Mpongwe
 D1812.5.0.3 Behavior of fire as omen India
 D1836.1 Ghost‘s strength waxes and wanes with height of fire Teton
 D1841.3.2 Fire does not injure a saint
 D1841. Saint carries fire in hand to warm guests Ireland
 D1841.3.3 Sacred book or manuscript does not burn in fire
 D1967 Person in magic sleep surrounded by protecting fire
 D2031.11 Illusive fire stops men Danish, Iceland
 D2061.2.1.1 Evil eye sets bird on fire India
 D2064.2 Sickness of princess dependent on witch’s fire
 D2065.4 Insanity of princess dependent on height of fire Spanish
 D2089.10 Fire drills magically made not to function Cumberland Sound
 D2091.1 Magic fire drawn down on foe Ireland
 D2121.7.1 Magic journey in cloud of fire Ireland
 D2158 Magic control of fires Iceland, Ireland, Jewish
 D2158.1 Magic kindling of fire
 D2158.1.1 Fox produces fire by striking tail to ground Chinese
 D2158.1.2 Saint sets fire to stone Ireland
 D2158.1.3 Fire obeys the saints
 D2158.1.3.2 Fire turns aside and refuses to catch hold of holy garments, wooden altars and similar sacred things
 D2158.1.5 Saint creates fire unnaturally when needed
 D2158.1.5.1 Saint kindles her lamp or candle without using fire
 D2158.1.5.2 Cooking and baking done without fire
 D2158.2 Magic extinguishing of fires Buddhist, Hawaii, Iceland, Ireland
 E15.0.1 Bone of man being burned jumps out of fire Pahouine
 E257 Ghosts seek firewood to roast man Ekoi
 E421.3.2 Ghost as firebrand
 E422.1.1.2 Revenant with ball of fire in place of head England
 E439.5 Revenant forced away by fire Iceland
 E501.4.2.4 Horse in wild hunt breathes fire
 E501.7.6.1 Wild huntsmen exhale fire
 E501.7.6.4 Wild huntsmen surrounded by fire
 E501.13.7 Wild hunt heralded by fire
 E501.16.4 Wild hunt disappears in column of fire
 E530.1.2 Ball of fire haunts murderer U.S.
 E578 Dead persons build fires India, Russian
 E578.2 Ghosts warm themselves around fire India
 E643.1 Smoke from funeral fires of two lovers mingles in sky India
 E692.5 Cruel woman reborn as firefly India
 E701.4 Soul of fire Cheremis
 E755.2.4 Ghosts gather wood for hell fires Jewish
 E755.2.4.1 Hell fires kindled according to sins of sinners Ireland
 F142 River of fire as barrier to otherworld India, Ireland
 F162.6.1 Lake of fire in otherworld Ireland
 F165.7 Fire in otherworld dwelling Ireland
 F165.7.1 Four columns around fire in otherworld castle Ireland
 F167.8 Otherworld people unacquainted with fire Polynesia, Wachaga
 F169.7.1 Fire in otherworld makes one feel colder Toba
 F171.6.5 Man in otherworld kindles fire Ireland
 F222.1.1 Fairies’ underground palace cannot be burned by fire nor destroyed by water Ireland
 F239.3 Fairy breathes fire Ireland
 F321.1.1.6 Threat to throw on fire causes changeling to cry out and betray his nature
 F321.1.4.3 Changeling thrown on fire and thus banished England, Ireland, Scotland
 F369.1 Fairies set fire to buildings Ireland
 F381.8 Spinning fairies lured away from the house by fire alarm Lithuanian
 F389.1 Fairies driven off with fire India
 F401.7 Fire-breathing spirit Ireland
 F405.8 Spirits leave when report is made of fire at their home
 F405.12 Demons flee from fire Chinese
 F407.1.1 Spirits ascend to heaven by building fire New Hebrides
 F416 Spirits set fire to mill Easter Is, Finnish-Swedish, Swedish
 F441.2.1.1 Wood-nymph comes to the fire to warm Danish, Finnish, Finnish-Swedish, Swedish
 F451.5.1.15 Dwarfs warm heath by underground fire
 F451.5.1.21 House of dwarf’s friend spared in fire Dutch
 F451.5.7.1 Dwarf wants to warm self at fire Breton, German
 F473.6.5 Spirit throws back shots fired at it U.S.
 F493.5 Sign of great plague: sky seems afire Ireland
 F497 Fire-spirits Dutch, Greenland
 F497.1 Conversation of two fire-spirits
 F531.1.10 Fire giants Iceland
 F541.1.1 Eyes flash fire Greek
 F552.1.2 Fingers of saint (angel) give light or fire Ireland, Jewish
 F559.3.1 Excreta is so fiery it starts great fires India
 F610.3.5 Competition with berserks in their particular sports: walk through fire, etc Iceland
 F622.2 Mighty blower blows firebrand so that sparks fly far, blows seawaves back and forth Ireland
 F679.6 Skillful cast of stone: carries away roof tree of burning house and so puts out fire Ireland
 F683.1.1 Fire drops from fingers of warrior whenever he wills it Ireland
 F702 Land of fire
 F710.1 Water resembling fire Buddhist, Jewish
 F715.6 River that burns like fire Ireland, Jewish
 F744 Island surrounded by wall of fire; water prevents it from being consumed India
 F753 Mountain of fire Jewish
 F756.1 Valley of fire
 F763 City of fire
 F771.1.11 Castle of fire
 F774.2.1 Pillar of fire Jewish
 F782.5 Doors of fire Jewish
 F785.3 Throne of fire Jewish
 F797 Fire from heaven kills people Ireland
 F809.6 Stones of fire Jewish
 F809.6.2 Mysterious characters engraved upon rock of fire Jewish
 F811.1.4 Tree of fire
 F811.22 Extraordinary firewood, of elephant tusks India
 F812.8 Wood which cannot be consumed by fire Jewish
 F828.2 Crown of fire Jewish
 F831.2 Arrows of fire Iceland, India, Ireland
 F833.4.1 Sword shines as fire or as the sun Iceland
 F834.1.1 Spear of fire (thrown by God) Jewish
 F848.4 Ladder of fire Jewish
 F861.4.4 Chariots of fire Jewish
 F863.2 Chains of fire Jewish
 F872.5.1 Bath of fire Jewish
 F882 Extraordinary fire Ireland
 F882.2 Multicolored fires Jewish
 F883.1.2 Book written with black fire on white fire (in God’s lap) Jewish
 F883.1.4 Books unscathed by water and fire Jewish
 F913.2 Deity lights a great fire, and all the children ogress has devoured come out of it India
 F932.11 Firelike waters of river used by strange beings to cook flesh Chiriguano
 F962.2 Fire from heaven Ireland, Jewish
 F962.2.1 Sacrifice consumed by heavenly fire Jewish
 F962.2.2 Pillar of fire reaches from heaven to earth Jewish
 F962.2.3 Fire from heaven cannot be quenched by water Jewish
 F962.2.4 Fire from heaven burns and freezes Jewish
 F962.9 Icicles gathered by saint as firewood burn Ireland
 F964 Extraordinary behavior of fire Ireland
 F964.0.1 Pillar of fire (in sky) Ireland, Jewish
 F964.1 Fire bends bough to shape of crozier Ireland
 F964.2 Fire spares saint‘s tunic, though wearer is burned Ireland
 F964.3 Fire from extraordinary fuel
 F964.3.2 Extraordinary blood catches fire India
 F964.3.4 Extraordinary stone catches fire India
 F1041.16.1 Man spits fire when enraged Iceland, Ireland
 F1041.16.4 Heat of saint’s anger sets cowl afire Ireland
 F1078 Detonation from spark struck for fire hurls ships out to sea Ireland
 G125 Fire-spewing giantess Iceland
 G212.5 Witch in form of ball of fire England
 G229.8 Fire burns up and crackles when wizard passes fireplace England
 G272.4 Fires burnt in streets to ward off witches
 G272.8 Pouring water on fire from new cup protects from witch Carolina, North Carolina
 G303.1.3.5 Satan created out of hell fire Jewish
 G303. Devil as a ball of fire Lithuanian
 G303. Two beams of fire shoot from devil‘s eyes England
 G303.4.6.2 Boy recognizes devil when he fans fire with his tail Masai
 G303. Devil holds fire in his hands Ireland
 G303.7.3.2 Devil drives carriage drawn by horses whose nostrils shoot fire Finnish-Swedish, French, Swedish
 G303.7.3.5 Devil travels in coach drawn by four blood-red horses, the hoofs of which strike fire from the pavement German
 G303.17.2.4 Devil and sinful priest disappear amid blaze of fire in the river England
 G303.17.3.5 Satan punished in hell fire Jewish
 G303.22.13 Devil saves heretic from fire, until priest brings host
 G304.2.1 Fire-producing troll
 G304.2.1.2 Troll stretches neck so long that fire comes from lips
 G345 Man with fire moccasins N. A. Indian
 G451 Following witch‘s fire into her power
 G581 Ogres chased away by fire
 H175.4 Fire issues spontaneously from fireless hearth when man approaches India
 H221 Ordeal by fire Brazil, England, Georgia, Hindu, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Jewish
 H221.1.3 Sanctity of books tested by throwing them into fire Ireland
 H256.1 Test of child’s innocence: onyx stone and coal of fire offered Jewish
 H331.1.5 Suitor contest: riding through fire Iceland
 H412.4 Chastity ordeal: passing through fire India, Ireland
 H506.9 Test of resourcefulness: to cook rice without fire (in hot sand) India
 H581.2 Arrested man tells who he is: the hospitable fire of his father is sought (bean merchant)
 H619.4 Symbolic interpretation of ineffectual thatching of house and building of fire in otherworld Ireland
 H842.2 What animal which lives in fire will burn if taken out of it? (Tegillus, now called salamander Ireland
 H1067 Task: light fire but do not light it
 H1095.1 Task: collecting firewood quickly, sufficient to last remainder of one‘s life India
 H1116.1 Task: cutting firewood from rocks with brass axe (rock struck to splinters by lightning used) Ganda
 H1129.5 Task: building a fire; whole tree burns up while man is bringing another Ireland
 H1129.5.1 Task: gathering firewood; bundle continually swept away from swimming man Ireland
 H1132.2 Task: recovering object in large fire India
 H1145.1 Task: weighing fire Jewish
 H1156.1 Task: setting fire to brush wood near abode of sacred cobra India
 H1199.10 Task: jumping over fire Iceland
 H1264 Quest to upper world for fire Fjort, Papuan
 H1484.1 Large fire and water for washing eyes as device of expectant lover Ireland
 H1542.1 Contest in crossing river of fire India
 H1562.2 Test of strength: lifting stone (fireplace, etc Danish, England, Iceland
 J834 Fire burns man who doesn‘t understand it
 J1064.1 Raven killed by apes who will not receive his teaching that a shining stone is not fire
 J1143 Thief detected by building straw fire so that smoke escapes through thief‘s entrance Italian
 J1175.2 Intentional and accidental fire
 J1191.1.1 “The sea is on fire”--not more absurd than the decision about the colt India
 J1191.7 Rice pot on pole, fire far away India
 J1269.12 Youth announces fire in imitation of priest‘s metaphorical language
 J1293.1.1 Absurdity: sea (river) is on fire India
 J1759.3 Numskull thinks fireflies are mosquitoes carrying lanterns to find victims England, U.S.
 J1761.3 Glowworm thought to be a fire
 J1806 Setting sun mistaken for fire American Negro
 J1809.1 Old woman‘s sneeze mistaken for gunfire India
 J1812.4 Hissing of fire thought to be noise of cooking muffins India
 J1812.4.1 Noises fire is making misunderstood India
 J1952 Fire and water mixed to make sacrifice
 J1976 Numskulls are affected by heat from stove which has no fire in it U.S.
 J2104 Moving the fireplace
 J2162 Short-sighted use of fire
 J2162.2 Fool whose house is burning puts wood on the fire
 J2183.6 Short-sightedness in case of fire
 J2183.6.1 Whose duty to put out fire? Officers investigate; meanwhile fire burns town India
 J2411.6 Imitation of jumping into fire without injury: dupe burned up India
 J2461.1.2 Literal numskull is gay at a fire India
 J2516.3.4 ”Only light the fire India
 J2532 Bureaucrats debate as to who shall put out palace fire: meantime palace burns India
 J2627 Frightened by fireworks
 K336.1 Fire set to village so that robbers can steal goods Korea
 K341.23 Fire set in order to distract attention Duala, India
 K345.4 Antelope sends leopard for fire, eats game while leopard is gone Kiyansi
 K382 Fire stolen by swallowing it and then escaping Upoto
 K547.3 Man hides in hollow log, fires rifle while Indians are sitting on the log, scares them away U.S.
 K619.1.1 Cleanest girl to be eaten by ogress: clever girl shakes sesame into fire to simulate sound of burning lice Chinese
 K634.1 Escape by throwing captor‘s clothes on the fire
 K762 Stranger asks woman for fire: abducts her India
 K812.1 Dupe‘s house set afire so that he is burned in trying to put out fire India
 K812.1.1 Boy teaches giants how to lay a carpet of dried grass and naphtha over the hard ground floor of their cave, sets fire to it and thus suffocates them India
 K812.2 Men lured to their death when their fields are set on fire
 K812.3 Monkey lures tiger into tree-top and sets fire to it India
 K916.1 Peacock helper dances before enemy army of hero; flame of fire from her tail burns them all to ashes India
 K925 Victim pushed into fire India, Spanish
 K925.1 Hero entices enemies into building and sets fire to it India
 K940.1.1 Man betrayed into eating his own children and setting the village on fire Indonesia
 K1032.1 Jackal persuaded to come to fireplace for food India
 K1521.1 Paramour successfully hidden in chimney (fireplace) Italian
 K1554 The husband sets house afire and ousts hidden paramour
 K1554.1 Trickster sets fire to barrel of tow in which paramour is hidden England, U.S.
 K1733 Ogre made to believe hero has withstood fire
 K1889.1 House seems to be afire Ireland
 K1963.4 Sham magician belches fire to frighten dupes Italian
 K2351.1.1 Fire tied to foxes’ tails: destroys enemy‘s cities and fields Jewish
 K2364 Enemy’s ships fired by use of fireship England, Greek
 K2364.1 Enemies defeated by setting forest afire Fang
 M155.3 Vow never to flee from fire or weapon Iceland
 M341.2.7 Prophecy: death by fire Benga, India
 M341.2.7.1 Prophecy: sinners to be burnt by fire on Doomsday Ireland
 M356.2 Prophecy of a plague consisting of “a flame of fire” which shall destroy three-fourths of the population of Ireland Ireland
 M418.1 Curse by “building a fire of stones” in fireplace U.S.
 M431.3 Curse: fire to burn hands and feet
 M431.6 Wicked stepmother cursed to have fire lit under her Iceland
 M477.1 Curse on lake: fire from lake will burn the forest around it Iceland
 N177 Beggar escapes from fire Jewish
 N339.8.1 Accidental death of father from fall into the fire when taking down weapons for his son Iceland
 N384.3 Wicked stepmother falls into the fire because of fright Iceland
 P461.3 Soldier is ordered to set fire to enemy’s armada Italian
 Q272.4 Avaricious woman and her gold consumed by hell’s fires which burn in her grave
 Q414.5 Punishment: king hung between two fires Iceland
 Q415.7 Wolves kill person for quenching holy fire Ireland
 Q492 Woman must relight magic fires as punishment
 Q522.6 Penance: hanging for a thousand years head downward over a fire of chaff Hindu, Penance
 Q552.13 Fire from heaven as punishment Ireland, Jewish
 Q552.13.0.1 Punishment by arrows of fire from heaven Jewish
 Q552.13.0.2 Sword (of fire) from heaven drawn upon sinners Jewish
 Q552.13.1 Death by fire from heaven as punishment Ireland
 Q552.13.1.1 Death by fire from heaven as punishment for opposition to holy person Ireland
 Q552.13.1.2 Death by fire from heaven as punishment for scoffing at church teachings Ireland
 Q552.13.2 Destruction of property by fire from heaven as punishment Ireland
 Q552.13.3 Fire from heaven consumes adulterous wife who has slandered an abbot
 Q582.2 Man who brings fire to his house at devil‘s instigation burns to death Ireland
 Q597.1 Snake carries into fire man who has banned snakes Estonian, Finnish
 R9.4 Fire-maiden imprisoned in iron house India
 R122.1 Prisoner whirled away in blaze of fire Ireland
 R271 Pursuit by fire California Indian
 R272 Pursuer follows successive night campfires (each brighter than last) Chinese
 S12.2.2 Mother throws children into fire Jewish
 S352.1 Animal preserves fire for abandoned children in a clam shell N. A. Indian
 T135.10 Marriage custom: going round and round fire (pillar, etc India
 T320.6 Wife sets fire to house to escape undesired lover India
 T535 Conception from fire Ireland
 T535.1 Conception from heat of fire
 V1.6.3 Worship of fire Ireland, Jewish
 V1.6.3.1 Sacred fire Ireland
 V1. (Sacrificial) fire from which all others must be lighted Ireland
 V21.2 Woman confesses murder: unharmed by execution fire
 V137 House of woman who launders clothes for church spared in great fire
 V140.4 Testing the authenticity of relics: bones are cast into fire; with great noise they jump away from the flames
 V222.0.1.1 Pillar of fire rises over woman pregnant with future saint Ireland
 V222.0.1.2 Saint identified by pillar of fire above her head Ireland
 V222.8 Holy man passes through fire for his faith
 V224.1 Objects used as firewood for saint miraculously replaced Ireland
 V229.11 Saint with tongue of fire (literally)
 V252.2 Virgin Mary saves criminal from fire at stake
 V328 Man sets fire to his house and perishes in it rather than accept Christianity Ireland
 V356.2 Pagan shrines and idols, or magic books destroyed by fire from heaven
 V511.2.1 Vision of fires of hell Ireland
 W111.1.1 Man lets legs burn in fire rather than move them India
 W111.1.1.3 Man too lazy to open eyes to see where fire is burning India
 W111.2.5 Boy to see whether there is fire in the house: feels of cat to see if she is warm
 W111.5.13 Man weeds garden from cushioned rocking chair, using fire tongs to reach weeds U.S.
 X821 Drunken volunteer firemen bungle their work U.S.
 X1287 Lie: extraordinary fireflies U.S.
 Z49.5 Where is the warehouse?--The fire burned it down
 Z122.3 Twelve months as youths seated about fire Italian

About StorySearch

The Project

This website is a search engine of almost 50,000 patterns within stories world over called "Motifs" and several projects fueled by this search engine.

The Motif Collection

The work comes from a folklorist named Stith Thompson who spent his life reading and cataloging these stories which he published as the Motif Index of Folklore and Literature. You can read more about his work here: Wikipedia page for Stith Thompson

The Goal

While we have Mr. Thompson's motifs, we have yet to track down all of the stories he read, which is our ultimate goal. We then will provide the stories for all to read, explore and see the connections and commonalities between these stories which we hope to further understandings between cultures and deeper into ourselves.

The Stories

Of course, since there are a current total of 46,248 motifs, we've estimated there to be as many as 51,822 stories which might take some time to collect.

The Strategy

For now, we are working to build a crowdsourcing application to help us collect, organize these stories along with tagging the motifs within them.

Until then, please use the following FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions about Story Search

What do you use this site for?

We use it to find stories, or to know there are stories worldwide with patterns in them. From there, we've found three common uses:

Writing, Films & Other Creative Story-based Projects
We might write a story with a motif as it's seed, develop more interesting aspects to a character in a story, or help develop hidden symbols within a film. We also frequently get asked for consulting help if you'd like help, please let us know.
Lectures, Professional & other Metaphor Development
Another common request is from people wanting to tell better stories in their work. This might be someone trying to communicate a tricky idea which is in need of a good metaphor. Since we know these "story seeds" have proven themselves to be quite memorable, we try to adapt motifs to fit as a solid and simple metaphor. We've helped Scientists, Lawyers, Medical Organizations, and even those in the Financials Industry to help better convey what they are doing by telling a better story.
Storytelling, Mentoring & Narrative Therapy
And last (usually the most important in the story world) but not least, we do a lot of work with how people can grow and develop parts of who they are and the connection therein through story. So, we might tell research specific stories to tell a child or youth who is working through an issue, such as dealing with anger, attention issues, or life changes by carefully choosing a motif which can help them understand what they're dealing with. (This works well for adults too.)

If you find a new usage for these, please tell us.

What exactly is a Motif?

A Motif is a trait common between two stories. They can be from nearby places, but the interesting ones (we find) are from very different parts of the world. That is to say, two ideas that simultaneously erupted most likely independently. This is because we can then develop a theory about well, pretty much anything.

Let's give you an example of two excerpts from stories so you can spot their motifs.

Sedna - Eskimo

In this mortal peril the father determined to offer Sedna to the birds and flung her overboard. She clung to the edge of the boat with a death grip. The cruel father then took a knife and cut off the first joints of her fingers. Falling into the sea they were transformed into whales, the nails turning into whalebone. Sedna holding on to the boat more tightly, the second finger joints fell under the sharp knife and swam away as seals; when the father cut off the stumps of the fingers they became ground seals.

Handless Maiden - Germany

The devil still could not approach her, he was very angry, and ordered the miller, "Chop off her hands, so I can get to her."
The miller was horrified and answered, "How could I chop off my dear child's hands? No, I will not do it."
"Then do you know what? I will take you, if you don't do it!"
That frightened the miller terribly, and driven by fear he promised to do what the devil had ordered. He went to his daughter and said, "My child, the devil will take me if I don't chop off both your hands, and I have promised him that I will do it. I beg for your forgiveness."
"Father," she said, "do with me what you will," stretched forth her hands, and let him chop them off.


What could we infer about this story? Well, we might use it to interpret a major plot point in another storyline such as Star Wars, Winter's Bone or Game of Thrones.

We might see it as a symbol for the the loss of ability, that is to say, the loss of the ability to do things.

And so, it might be a useful story to tell someone who has issues with motivation, or the lack of the ability to do things.

We'd also be very curious what the relationship between the symbolic "father" is in each of these stories is, including the three newer stories we mentioned.

Where did you get all of the info about Motifs and Stories?

This search engine is a digitized version of the life work comes of a folklorist named Stith Thompson who spent his life reading and cataloging stories which he published as the Motif Index of Folklore and Literature. This book is very hard to come by, as are many of the books Mr. Thompson referenced. We will be collecting the stories (with the help of folks on the internet) to allow everyone to enjoy and educate themselves about this work.

I have a story I'd really like to find. Can you send it to me?

If we can find it, yes, we will definitely try to so you're always welcome to ask. We don't have digital copies of all of the books referenced in the search engine yet, but we currently have more than two thirds of the 800 or so. Feel free to use the contact form, and we will let you know what we can do.

When I be able to read all of the stories online?

That is hard to tell because it is dependent on two things: our helpers and funds.

  Feedback - If you have feedback to offer as far as features you'd like, or requests for stories, this helps us polish the new systems we are putting in place in order to collect all of Stith's stories. Don't hesitate to use our contact form.

  Donate Time - If you would like to donate some of your time to help comb stories, please fill out the form below.

  Donate Funds - Or, you can use the fully tax deductible donation to our 501(c)3 non-profit hosting organization the Center for Symbolic Studies via a form at

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TEDx - Lower East Side

Here is a talk by the creator of the Story Search, Richard Schwab, did on myth featuring stories about ways we use this site. October 25th 2013.


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