Motifs for "Water": 960

X Code Original Cultures
 A52.0.7 God drops water from his finger and the drops become angels Lithuanian
 A52.1.4 Angel Raphael created from water Jewish
 A52.3 Material of which angels are created (fire, water and snow) Jewish
 A63.7.1 Poisonous water created by the devil Ireland
 A165.3.2 Cupbearer of the gods controls waters Ireland
 A171.1.2 Valkyries ride through air and water Iceland
 A420 God of water Babylonian, Chinese, Finno-Ugric, Hawaii, Iceland, India, Ireland, Persian, Toba
 A420.1 Water-goddess India
 A615.1 Universe from creator’s masturbation with water, with stone, and with earth Easter Is
 A617 Creation of universe from clam-shell on primeval water by creator Pleasant Island, Tahiti
 A617.1 Creation of universe from clay pot set afloat on primeval waters India
 A671.2.2.4 Rivers of black water in hell Ireland
 A700.3 A woman has four children: sun, moon, fire, and water India
 A701.1 Origin of sky from egg brought from primeval water Borneo, Tahiti
 A702.1 Sky of water Egyptian
 A718.3 Sun from fruit kernels thrown into water of flood Cashinawa
 A741.1 Moon is water slung into sky Siberian
 A810 Primeval water: In the beginning everything is covered with water African, Oceanic, Arunta, Babylonian, Batak, Borneo, Bushongo, Egyptian, Finnish, Guarani, Haida, Iceland, India, Ireland, Jewish, Maori, Marquesas, Marshall Is, Micronesia, Minahassa, Mixtec, Quiché, Samoa, Siberian, Tonga, Yap, N. A. Indian, Calif.
 A810.1 God and Devil fly together over primeval water
 A810.2 Primeval water to subside in a specified time California Indian
 A810.2.1 Waters of heaven would engulf earth were it not for firmament Jewish
 A811 Earth brought up from bottom of primeval water India, New Hebrides
 A814 Earth from object thrown on primeval water India
 A814.1 Earth from stone thrown on primeval water Oceanic, Borneo, Micronesia, Samoa
 A814.2 Earth from sand strewn on primeval water India, Yap
 A814.3 Earth from decayed matter on primeval water Hawaii, Japanese, Tungus
 A814.4 Earth from tree grown in primeval water Tungus
 A814.5 Earth from steam made by fire thrown into primeval water Tungus
 A814.6 Earth scattered in a circuit in four directions on primeval water California Indian, India
 A814.7 Earth from primeval water mixed with seeds of tobacco California Indian
 A814.8 Earth from lotus seed placed on water India
 A814.9 Earth from egg breaking on primeval water India
 A814.10 Earth from creator’s spittle falling on primeval water India
 A814.10.1 Earth from spittle of primeval potter spreading on surface of water India
 A816.1 Stone emerges from primeval water
 A825 Earth made by first couple dancing on bit of cloth laid on water India
 A827 Earth made by drying up of primeval water India
 A871.2 Four rivers, rising in paradise, water primitive world Ireland
 A910 Origin of water features--general
 A910.1 Waters created on first day of creation Jewish
 A910.2 Waters created as punishment Jewish
 A910.3 Bodies of water in primitive abyss sink Jewish
 A910.4 Bodies of water remnant of flood Tupinamba
 A910.5 Waters created by divine twins Chiriguano
 A911 Bodies of water from tears Finnish, Ireland, Nebraska, Upoto
 A913.4 Tub that drips at high tide but holds water at low tide Ireland
 A914 Mountains push water westward California Indian
 A915 Why waters do not engulf the earth Jewish
 A917 Quarrel between earth and waters Jewish
 A918 Male and female waters Jewish
 A920.1.11 Woman transformed to pool of water Ireland
 A925.4 Origin of fresh water welling up in sea Hawaii
 A940 Origin of other bodies of water
 A941.5.6 Cloth from goddess, when spread by holy man over a spot, causes water to spring from earth India
 A961.2 Mountains from hacked-up fish drawn from bottom of primeval water Maori
 A969.5 Water freezes and forms mountains Bering Strait
 A1011.3 God’s promise never to destroy world by water does not apply to local floods Jewish
 A1016.4 Flood from broken calabashes of water Carajá, Puerto Rico
 A1028.1 Trickster sticks spear in ground and leads water to sea, ending deluge Chaco
 A1063 Water-disturbances at end of world
 A1063.2 Sea water mixes with fresh water at end of the world Jewish
 A1074.5 Fettered monster kept just out of reach of water
 A1110 Establishment of present order: waters
 A1111 Impounded water African, Ababua, Amazon, Australian, Basuto, Botocudo, Caingang, Chinese, Ekoi, Hindu, Hottentot, India, Japanese, Melanesia, New Britain, Papuan, Peru, Tahltan, N. A. Indian
 A1113 God promises never again to destroy world by water Jewish
 A1117 Origin of foam on waters West Indian
 A1118 Origin of swirling motion of water Estonian, Finnish, Iceland, Livonian
 A1119 Establishment of present order: waters--miscellaneous
 A1119.2 Why sea waters are warm: kept so by Leviathan Jewish
 A1131.4.1 Rain kept in waterskin dragged along sky floor India
 A1142.8 Thunder is noise of waterskin which rain-god drags along sky floor India
 A1232.2.1 Mankind emerges from water India
 A1241.2 Man made from sand sprinkled with water Colombia
 A1260.1.5 Man made of clay with bones of stone, with blood of water and with vines for veins India
 A1261 Man made from water Greek, Jewish
 A1275.5 Man creates a woman from melted butter, sour milk, sour cream and curds offered on the waters India
 A1429.3 Acquisition of water Ireland, Myth
 A1429.3.2 Gods provide drinkable water Hawaii
 A1441.3 Origin of water wheel and rice growing Chinese
 A1713 Creator sent for water: Meantime animals assume present forms California Indian
 A2171.1.1 Crayfish from devil’s fleas shaken off in water Estonian
 A2211.12 Buffalo helps tiger quench fire: white mark left on buffalo‘s neck where tiger held on while being ducked in water India
 A2214.5 Tortoise hurled on rock: half falls on land, half in water Nigeria
 A2221.11 Deity rewards animal for bringing him water: cause of present characteristics Maori
 A2231.7.3 Tortoise cursed for going under water while ferrying rice-goddess: people will be able to kill it with iron-made spears India
 A2238.4 Diver eats nests of small birds: must not nest away from water Finnish
 A2272.1.2 Cricket hears water hiss on hot iron: learns his song Livonian
 A2320.6 Why crocodile has marks of water pot on head India
 A2332.5.3 Why water-hen has red eyes Cree
 A2356.2.5 Why water-hen has broad back Cree
 A2382.1 Magpie is a hybrid of dove and raven; was not baptized by water of the flood in Noah’s time England
 A2411.2.1.2 Color of water-ousel Lappish
 A2433.2.2 Animals that inhabit water
 A2433.3.10 Why muskrats live in water Tahltan
 A2433.6.2 Why oyster lives in salt water Mpongwe
 A2433.6.3.1 Why crabs live in water India
 A2433.6.5 Why leeches live in water India
 A2435.4.9.2 Why owl drinks no water India
 A2442.2.6 Water-birds‘ flight and diving
 A2462.2 Why beaver splashes his tail in water and dives when attacked Quileute
 A2531.1 Why water serpents are not venomous Congo, India, Pueblo
 A2847 Origin of scum on stagnant water India
 B11.3.1.2 Dragon‘s home beneath waterfall Iceland
 B11.7.1 Dragon controls water-supply Hindu, Japanese
 B19.3.2 Mythical horse belonging to water-spirit S. A. Indian
 B68 Horned water-monster Chaco
 B81.0.1 Mermaids are like fishes in the water, like men on land Iceland
 B81.0.2 Woman from water world Ireland
 B81.3.1 Mermaid appears at midnight, entices people into water England
 B82.5 Merman attacked by putting steel in the water
 B103.5 Animal laying treasure in water
 B119.1 Dog (whose skin) turns water to wine (mead) Ireland
 B143.1.4 Falcon saves master from drinking poisoned water India
 B172.5 Magic falcon gets water of life for hero Italian
 B175.1 Magic salmon carries hero over water Ireland, Japanese, Welsh
 B184.1.3 Magic horse from water world Armenian, Iceland, Ireland, Japanese
 B184.2.2.2 Magic cow (ox, bull) from water world Ireland
 B184.3.2.2 Magic pig turns water into wine for nine days Ireland
 B244.1.1 Queen of watersnakes India
 B251.2.5 Birds beat waters with wings as welcome to saint Ireland
 B251.2.6.1 Water-monsters lick saint‘s feet Ireland
 B375.1 Fish returned to water: grateful Chinese, India, Missouri French
 B391.4 Animals given water to drink: grateful Buddhist
 B401.1 Helpful water-horse Ireland
 B521.1.1 Horse advises hero not to wash in water (as his false wife told him to) or his eyes will pop out India
 B548.4 Ducks recover lost object from water Marofotsy
 B548.5 Frog recovers Sacred Host from water Canada, French Canadian
 B551 Animal carries man across water India
 B551.1 Fish carries man across water Celebes, Chinese
 B551.2 Aquatic bird carries man across water India
 B551.4 Water snake carries boy across river India
 B784.1.3 Person swallows snake semen or egg while eating watercress England
 B784.2.1 Patient fed salt: animal comes out for water Ireland, U.S.
 B784.2.1.1 Snake (frog) in human body enticed out by milk (water) India
 B877.1.1 Giant water monster attacks man Ireland
 C12.5.8 Man vows he will cross water “in spite of devil U.S.
 C40 Tabu: offending spirits of water, mountain, etc
 C41 Tabu: offending water-spirit Carolina, Kaffir, North Carolina
 C41.2 Tabu: letting ball fall into water
 C41.3 Tabu: crossing water when spirits are offended
 C41.3.1 Tabu: skating over water when spirits are offended N. A. Indian
 C141.3 Tabu: not to enter water during menses Toba
 C273 Tabu: drinking water
 C273.1 Tabu: drinking water during certain time Jewish
 C273.2 Tabu: drinking water from certain bottle Chinese
 C315.3 Tabu: looking at water India
 C429.1 Tabu: mentioning secret water spring Lamami
 C532 Tabu: touching water Ireland
 C567.2 Tabu: princess stepping in water Tsimihety
 C615 Forbidden body of water Alu, Mono-Alu
 C663 Compulsion to bathe in certain waters daily Ireland
 C725.1 Tabu: use of water after attending call of nature India
 C751.4 Tabu: going on water Monday after May Day Ireland
 C918 Mare from water world disappears when she is scolded and her halter used for common purposes Ireland
 C939.1 Punishment for breaking tabu: water withdrawn from lake India
 D10.2 Change of sex after crossing water
 D169.1 Transformation: woman to waterfowl India
 D283 Transformation: man to water
 D283.1 Transformation: man (woman) to pool of water Hawaii, India, Ireland
 D283.2 Transformation to spring of water Hawaii, Tinguian
 D283.3 Transformation: watersprite to flood German
 D399.1 Transformation: water-dragon to person Chinese
 D413.2 Transformation: raven to water bird Greenland
 D421.2.2 Transformation: doe to bubble of water (enchanted woman) Ireland
 D429.1 Transformation: water monster to Milky Way Raratonga
 D439.3 Transformation: water bubble to person Jewish
 D447.2 Transformation: skull to water-monster Angola
 D452.1.10 Transformation: rock to water Jewish
 D454.5.1 Transformation: milk sack to sheet of water Kaffir
 D471.10 Water becomes rocks Jewish
 D474.2 Transformation: water becomes bloody Buddhist, Ireland, Jewish
 D475.2.2 Transformation: water to money Kpelle
 D475.4.8 Water dripping off person becomes agates Tinguian
 D477.1 Transformation: water becomes wine Iceland, Ireland
 D477.1.1 Devil takes man waiting for water to turn to wine at midnight on Old Christmas Eve U. S.
 D477.1.2 Woman loses eye when she goes to well at midnight on Old Christmas Eve when the water turns to wine England
 D478 Water changed to other substance (or vice versa)
 D478.1 Transformation: water to milk Ireland
 D478.2 Transformation: water to ale Ireland
 D478.3 Transformation: water to fire Ireland, Jewish
 D478.4 Transformation: water to marvelous drink Ireland
 D478.5 Transformation: water to honey Ireland
 D478.6 Transformation: water to mead Ireland
 D478.7 Transformation: water changed into oil
 D478.8 Water changed into balsam
 D478.9 Water in river transformed to copper by magician
 D478.10 Salty water turned into fresh liquid Jewish
 D478.11 Transformation: water to butter and cream Buddhist
 D478.12 Transformation: water to rocks Jewish
 D478.13 Transformation: water to brimstone Jewish
 D478.14 Boiling pitch reduced to cold water
 D491.3 Saint confined a large quantity of water in a small ditch
 D512.1 Transformation when one expresses astonishment at smith drawing water in an egg-shell
 D562.1 Transformation by application of water India
 D565.6 Transformation by touching water Ireland
 D574 Transformation by crossing water Scotland
 D759.5 Disenchantment by following enchanted woman through lake to underwater castle
 D766.1 Disenchantment by bathing (immersing) in water India
 D766.1.1 Disenchantment by water and command India
 D766.1.2 Disenchantment by touching water India
 D766.1.3 Disenchantment by pouring water into ear Mackenzie Area
 D789.3.1 Frog-woman disenchanted by sight of water Hindu
 D789.5 Disenchantment by throwing golden objects into water German
 D789.9 Girl disenchants her tiger-husband by putting a garland around his neck, sprinkling sand and water over him India
 D877.1 Magic wishing-ring loses power by touching water Ireland
 D910 Magic body of Water Ireland, Jewish
 D925.1.0.1 Fountain bursts forth where water is not available for baptismal ceremonies of future saint
 D925.1.3 Samson makes sweet water flow from jawbone
 D927.1.1 Saint causes water to issue from cut in a tree
 D927.3 Spring augments milk of nursing mothers who drink its water
 D928 Magic water-hole
 D928.1 Water-hole made by magic Greenland, Maopa
 D1240 Magic waters and medicines Arabian, Benga, Breton, Chinese, Greek, Hindu, Ireland
 D1242.1 Magic water Arabian, Babylonian, Chinese, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italian, Jewish, Mackenzie Area, Note, N. A. Indian
 D1242.1.1 Baptismal water as magic object England
 D1242.1.2 Holy water as magic object England, Ireland
 D1305.1 Drop of water from Paradise gives power of prophecy Jewish
 D1310.9 Magic water gives knowledge India
 D1311.3.1.1 Divination by water Ireland
 D1311.19 Divination by water Jewish
 D1314.2.2 Divining rod (twig) locates underground water supply England, Ireland, U. S.
 D1316.12 Magic root reveals truth when water is poured over it India
 D1317.22 Water rages by boat of would-be murderer Greenland
 D1323.12 Clairvoyance by looking at object filled with water Hawaii, Marquesas, Tuamotu
 D1324.1.1 Magic tub drips at high tide, is watertight at ebb tide Ireland
 D1335.2.2 Water as magic strengthening drink Ireland
 D1335.5.2 Solomon’s power to hold kingdom dependent on ring; drops it in water Jewish
 D1337.1.2 Water gives magic beauty India, Jewish
 D1337.1.8.1 Rose water gives magic beauty Italian
 D1337.2.4 Magic water makes ugly Jewish
 D1338.1.2 Water of youth
 D1345.1 Serpent’s water gives longevity Zanzibar
 D1346.1.1 Water of life destroyed to prevent immortality: too long life would become tiresome India
 D1346.10 Magic water (sprinkled) gives immortality India
 D1349.3 Magic stone makes water like wine Iceland
 D1355.2.1 Water blessed by saint as love-philtre Ireland
 D1355.2.1.1 Baptismal water as love-philtre
 D1355.2.1.2 Magic water causes sexual desire Jewish
 D1375.2.4 Magic water removes horns from person
 D1380.5 Magic water protects Cheremis, Ireland
 D1382.1.0.1 Magic stones from holy well protect against loss by fire or water Ireland
 D1385.15 Holy water and mass prevent demons alighting on grave Ireland
 D1385.15.1 Holy water dispels demons Ireland
 D1388.0.2 Magic veil keeps man from sinking in water Greek
 D1389.2.2 Thieves cannot cross a river because the water suddenly becomes too hot for them
 D1402.24 Water from magic fountain kills
 D1402.24.1 Giant kills people by sprinkling water on their heads India
 D1415.1 Water from magic well causes person to dance
 D1421.2 Magic object summons water-spirit
 D1421.2.1 Magic arrow summons water-spirit Chinese
 D1432 Waters magically pursue man Greek, Ireland, Menomini
 D1432.1 Water gradually envelops girl filling pitcher and drowns her India
 D1467 Magic water furnishes treasure
 D1472.1.2.4 Magic rock supplies water Jewish
 D1472.1.24.2 Jawbone of ass supplies water Jewish
 D1472.1.35 Water flows from axe Tinguian
 D1472.2.10 Magic rod provides water Chinese
 D1500.1.1.2 The water of spring which a saint caused to flow has curative powers
 D1500.1.18 Magic healing water Arabian, Babylonian, Buddhist, India, Ireland, Jewish, N. A. Indian
 D1500. Water which had contact with the tombs of holy men proved curative
 D1500. Water from saint’s washing as remedy Ireland
 D1500.1.18.2 Baptismal water as remedy England
 D1500.1.18.3 Holy water as remedy England, Iceland, India, Ireland, U.S.
 D1500.1.18.5 Water from bullaun (hollowed-out stone) as remedy Ireland
 D1502.11 Magic water cures stomach trouble Buddhist
 D1503.16 Wound healed by water from place wounded man’s heel dragged Marquesas
 D1505.5 Magic water restores sight French, India, Ireland
 D1505.5.5 Magic coconut water restores sight Marquesas
 D1523.2.8 Magic boat is rowed by two wooden figures as soon as it is put on water India
 D1524 Magic object enables person to cross water
 D1524.1 Magic object permits man to walk on water Ireland
 D1524.1.1 Medicine on feet permits man to walk on water Zanzibar
 D1524.1.3 Saint spreads his cloak (or other clothes) upon the water and rides to his desired destination
 D1524.1.4 Sand permits man to walk on water India
 D1524.2 Clothes carry owner over water
 D1524.2.2 Belt carries owner over water Tinguian
 D1524.10 Magic staff comes to one over water Marquesas
 D1524.11 Magic betelnut comes to one over water Tinguian
 D1524.12 Magic handaxe comes to one over water Tinguian
 D1525.1 Magic hood enables person to pass under water Ireland
 D1533.1 Magic land and water vehicle
 D1533.1.1 Magic land and water ship Breton, Ireland, Norse
 D1533.1.2 Magic land and water chariot Ireland
 D1540.3 Magic stone controls water Jewish
 D1542.3.3 Branch which dries up water in great river so person can cross India
 D1542.3.5 Not a drop of water will remain in tank no matter how hard laborers work India
 D1547.2 Magic flower thrown into lake causes waters to follow in the footsteps of the one who throws it in India
 D1549.3.4 Magic gem causes river waters to recede India
 D1549.3.5 Fish bone holds back water in river India
 D1549.3.6 Ring of hay thrown into empty lake fills it up with water India
 D1549.3.8 Spear stuck in river bed stops water Mataco
 D1549.5 Magic staff draws water from stone India, Jewish, Neuman
 D1549.5.1 Rock beaten by sword provides water Chinese
 D1549.9 Magic rod causes all waters to turn to blood Jewish
 D1551 Waters magically divide and close Breton, England, Hottentot, Iceland, India, Ireland, Zulu, N. A. Indian
 D1551.0.1 Water becomes shallow so man is able to cross the river India
 D1551.1 Magic salt causes waters to divide Verde Is.
 D1551.2 Magic rod causes waters to divide and close Jewish, Kaffir
 D1551.3 Magic root causes waters to divide and close Rhodesia
 D1551.4 Magic powder causes waters to divide Verde Is.
 D1551.6 Magic stick causes waters to divide India
 D1551.7 Magic diamond on ogre’s waist opens passage in tank by its reflection on water India
 D1551.7.1 Diamond in snake king‘s forehead in hero’s pocket opens lake waters to reveal a pathway to underground palace India
 D1551.8 Magic brick causes waters to divide India
 D1562.6 Holy water destroys veil over well Ireland
 D1564.7 Magic weapon (sword, axe) cuts hair (on water, in wind) Ireland
 D1566.1.4.2 Saint’s (man‘s) breath makes icicles (snow, water) burn Ireland
 D1566.1.7 Holy water procures fire or light Iceland
 D1566.2.5 Ring makes boiling water cold India
 D1566.2.7 Magic girdle produces stream of water to quench fire Tuamotu
 D1567.3 Water poured from saint‘s bell produces fountain Ireland
 D1567.6 Stroke of staff brings water from rock Ireland, Jewish
 D1567.7 Fountain produced from drop of water Ireland
 D1567.8 Sign of cross brings water from rock Ireland
 D1567.9 Ring brings forth water from dry soil India
 D1592 Magic object heats or cools water
 D1592.1 Magic ring cools boiling water India
 D1601.35 Magic water bottle brings water Tonga
 D1610.36 Speaking water Jewish
 D1615.4 Singing water India, Jewish
 D1618.1 Magic weeping waters Jewish
 D1646.2 Dancing water Italian
 D1647.1 Water vanishes from water hole when man tries to drink Greenland
 D1649.3 Stones for heating water heated automatically in other world Ireland
 D1652.15.2 Inexhaustible water-hole Greenland
 D1658.1.3 Bitter water grateful for being praised
 D1718.1 Magic power contained in stick and water India
 D1766.7.2 Magic use of hero‘s name brings water India
 D1788.1 Magic results from contact with water Ireland
 D1810.6 Magic knowledge from bathing in holy water Ireland
 D1812.2.3 Power of prophecy from accidental drinking of water from magic fountain Ireland
 D1812.5.0.6 Divination by throwing objects into water
 D1812. Good omen: meeting old woman with pot of newly drawn water India
 D1819.4.1 Man enabled to read baptismal service by washing in holy water Ireland
 D1821.3.7.1 Magic sight by looking into glass of water Chinese
 D1841.2 Man proof against boiling water
 D1841.2.1 Saint kept in boiling water for three days shows no signs of discomfort
 D1841.4.3 Walking upon water without wetting the soles or garments
 D1841.4.3.1 The waters of seas, lakes, and streams turn aside and let the holy man walk through untouched by moisture
 D1841.4.5 Whale husband makes wife’s eyes impervious to sea water Greenland
 D2031.12 Sea water made to behave like solid earth Ireland
 D2091.8.1 Druids dry up water in enemy’s camp Ireland
 D2106.1.1 Saint causes waters to be filled with fish Ireland
 D2106.1.1.1 Fish caught in waterless field
 D2125 Magic journey over water Ireland, Jewish
 D2125.0.1 Saint causes earth to rise underfoot, enabling him to cross water Ireland
 D2125.1 Magic power to walk on water Buddhist, Greenland, Iceland, India, Ireland, U.S.
 D2125.3 Person crosses water in chariot Buddhist
 D2126 Magic underwater journey Chinese, Greenland, Ireland
 D2137.1 Witch keeps water from boiling England
 D2142.1.4 Wind raised by troubling vessel of water England, Scotland, U.S.
 D2143.1.1 Rain produced by pouring water Chinese, Ireland
 D2144.3.1 Cold water in winter made warm by a saint
 D2149.4.2 Ring that has dropped into water rises to surface India
 D2151 Magic control of waters Cross, Ireland, Jewish
 D2151.0.1 Saint regulates temperature of waters Ireland
 D2151.0.2 Waters made to dry up India, Jewish
 D2151.0.3 Wall of water magically warded off Hawaii
 D2151.2.3.1 Evil spirit holds back water India
 D2151.5.1 Water raised from tank by singing India
 D2151.5.1.1 Water raised from tank by burying ring in it India
 D2151.6.2 Man makes all waters of spring flow into a small brass pot India
 D2161.4.14.2 Magic cure by bathing in consecrated water (lake, etc Ireland
 D2165.2 Escape from drowning by drying up all waters Ireland
 D2199.1 Bottomless tub (vat) holds water through power of saint Ireland
 E80 Water of Life Arabian, Babylonian, Buddhist, Bushman, California Indian, Fiji, Hawaii, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Italian, Pelew Islands, Russian, Siberian, N. A. Indian
 E80.3 Resuscitation by water (in basket, overnight) California Indian
 E80.4 Resuscitation by holy water Iceland, Ireland
 E82 Water of life and death Greek, India, N. A. Indian
 E84 Water of death India
 E181.1.1 Man advised how to resuscitate his mother: break waternuts on her head: she would revive and live one year for each nut broken India
 E268 Ghost (revenant) kills by spewing water from his mouth on Hallowe’en Ireland
 E285 Ghost haunts well, prevents drawing water after dark England
 E386.1 Ghost summoned by holy water Iceland
 E422.0.1 Hanged man thirsty; demands water to drink Ireland
 E431.2 Water thrown on corpse to prevent return
 E431.9 Ashes of dead thrown on water to prevent return Finno-Ugric, Iceland, Jamaica
 E431.9.1 Head of corpse thrown on water to prevent return Iceland
 E431.9.2 Corpses thrown in water to prevent return Iceland
 E437.2 Ghost laid in body of water England, Ireland, Wales
 E443.9 Ghost laid by consecrated water Iceland
 E446.5 Ghost laid by pushing it into water Cashinawa
 E481.2 Land of dead across water Haida, Iceland, Siberian
 E501.12.4 Wild hunt appears by body of water Carolina, North Carolina
 E501.15.7 Wild huntsman waters his horse
 E533.1 Ghostly bell sounds from under water England
 E544.1.3 Ghost of drowned man leaves puddle of salt water where he stands U.S.
 E545.6.1 Thirsty when hanged, corpse asks for water on Hallowe‘en Ireland
 E636 Reincarnation as water India
 E636.1 Reincarnation as bag of water Ireland
 E653.1 Reincarnation: man as water spirit Buddhist
 E701.2 Soul of water Cheremis
 E712.7 Soul hidden in water bottle Tuamotu
 E751.5 Souls of sinners to spend seven years under waters of the sea before Doomsday Ireland
 E761.1.1 Life token: water turns to blood England, India, Ireland
 E761.1.3.1 Life token: earth, water, or blood in footprint Iceland
 E761.6.1 Life token: troubled water India, Italian
 E781.1.1 Prince regains his eyesight after theft of eyes from water maidens India
 F93 Water entrance to lower world Iceland, India, Ireland
 F93.0.2 Under-water entrance to lower world
 F133.2 Empty under-water house California Indian
 F141 Water barrier to otherworld India, Ireland
 F141.0.1 Otherworld beyond water confused with otherworld under water Ireland
 F141.0.2 Otherworld beyond water confused with otherworld under hill Ireland
 F141.4 Waterfall as barrier to otherworld Greenland
 F153 Otherworld reached by diving into water (of well or lake) India, Ireland, Jewish, Tinguian, Tuamotu
 F160.0.1.1 Otherworld overseas confused with otherworld under water Ireland
 F162.5.2 Head in otherworld well emits stream of water from mouth Ireland
 F162.6.2 Lake with water of life in otherworld Hawaii, Maori
 F171.6.2 People in otherworld pour water into tub full of holes
 F212 Fairyland under water Iceland, Ireland, Japanese
 F212.0.1 Water fairies Ireland
 F222.1.1 Fairies’ underground palace cannot be burned by fire nor destroyed by water Ireland
 F235.4.4 Fairies made visible through use of magic water England, Scotland
 F241.1.2.1 Fairies’ horses water at peasant‘s well
 F252.1.0.2 King of Land under Water Ireland
 F311.3.1 Water fairy as foster-mother African
 F321.1.4.1 Changeling thrown into water and thus banished England, Ireland, Scotland
 F321.1.5 Water fairy changeling kept out of water too long, dies U.S.
 F322.0.1 Woman carried off by water-fairy German, Lithuanian
 F341.2.1 Captured water fairy promises to make ugly man beautiful in return for her release India
 F345.1 Fairies teach mortal to walk under water Ireland
 F352.2 Theft of vessel from water-deity India
 F361.5 Fairies punish girl who pours hot water into their spring Finnish-Swedish, Swedish
 F361.17.5 Fairies bathe children in churn when housewife forgets to leave a supply of clear water for the fairies Ireland
 F369.2 Fairies defile waters Irish myth: *Cross Ireland
 F378.2 Tabu: bathing or touching water in lake in fairyland India
 F378.6 Tabu: using fairy bath water, soap, or ointment on oneself while bathing fairy child England
 F382.2 Holy water breaks fairy spell U.S., Wales
 F420 Water-spirits Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Finnish-Swedish, India, Ireland, Jewish, Lappish, Livonian, Norse, Persian, Slavic, Swedish, Toba, Warrau
 F420.1 Form and appearance of water-spirits Iceland
 F420.1.1 Water-spirit as man New Zealand
 F420.1.1.1 Water-spirit appears as handsome man Finnish-Swedish, French, German, Swedish
 F420.1.1.2 Water-spirit appears as black man German
 F420.1.1.3 Water-spirit as small gray man
 F420.1.1.4 Water-spirit as man clothed in white and accompanied by a dozen attendants Chinese
 F420.1.1.5 Water-spirits have one eye Cheremis
 F420.1.2 Water-spirit as woman (water-nymph, water-nix) Armenian, England, Estonian, Finnish, Finnish-Swedish, German, Ireland, Japanese, Livonian, Norse, Slavic, Swedish, Wales
 F420.1.2.1 Water-maidens are of unusual beauty French, German, Iceland
 F420.1.2.2 Water-maidens mute
 F420.1.3 Water-spirits in animal form Finnish-Swedish, Iceland, Swedish
 F420.1.3.1 Water-spirit as toad German
 F420.1.3.2 Water-spirit as fish French, German, Iceland
 F420. Water-spirit as one-eyed fish Dutch
 F420.1.3.3 Water-spirit as horse Danish, England, German, Iceland, Ireland, Norwegian, Scotland, Swedish
 F420.1.3.4 Water-spirit as bull England, German, Iceland
 F420.1.3.5 Water-spirit as stork German
 F420.1.3.6 Water-spirit as cat
 F420.1.3.7 Water-spirit as goat French
 F420.1.3.8 Water-spirit as mouse
 F420.1.3.9 Water-spirit as snake India
 F420.1.3.10 Water-spirit as frog
 F420.1.3.11 Water-spirit as ape-like creature
 F420.1.3.12 Water-spirit as otter Iceland
 F420.1.4 Water-spirits in abnormal form
 F420.1.4.1 Body of water-spirit is half human and half fish or snake German, Iceland
 F420.1.4.2 Water-spirits have body covered with fish scales German
 F420.1.4.3 Water-spirits as dwarfs Austrian, French, German
 F420.1.4.4 Water-spirits have hunchback French, German
 F420.1.4.5 Water-spirits with human body and webbed feet and hands French, German
 F420.1.4.6 Water-spirits with horse feet German
 F420.1.4.7 Water-spirits with green hair and beard England, German, Wales
 F420.1.4.8 Water-spirits with green teeth England, French, German
 F420.1.4.9 Water-giants Iceland
 F420.1.4.10 Water-spirit with extraordinarily long hair India
 F420.1.5 Water-spirits invisible
 F420.1.5.1 Invisible water-spirit claps hands and speaks
 F420.1.5.2 Mysterious voice--water-spirit--is calling from sea French, German
 F420.1.6 Dress of water-spirits
 F420.1.6.1 Water-spirits are dressed like people of surroundings French, German
 F420.1.6.2 Water-spirits are clad in clothes of gold and silver German
 F420.1.6.3 Water-spirits wear precious adornment German, Norse
 F420.1.6.4 Water-spirits wear wreath of flowers and reed on hair and dress German
 F420.1.6.5 Water-maidens have long veil German
 F420.1.6.6 Color of water-spirit‘s clothes
 F420. Water-spirits are clad in red German
 F420. Water-spirits are clad in gray German
 F420. Water-spirits are dressed in green French, German, Scotland
 F420. Water-spirits are dressed in white England, French, German
 F420. Water-spirits are dressed in blue Iceland
 F420.1.6.7 Water-spirits are nude Dutch, French, German
 F420.1.7 Water-spirits appearing like human beings are recognized by traces of water
 F420.1.7.1 Corner of water-spirits‘ dress is always wet German
 F420.1.7.2 Coat pockets of water-spirits are dripping with water
 F420.1.7.3 Water-spirits leave trace of water when standing or walking German
 F420.2 Home of water-spirits
 F420.2.1 Water-spirits live in castles of crystal under water Czech, French, Livonian
 F420.2.1.1 Water-spirits’ under-water castle is luxuriously furnished Austrian, Czech, German
 F420.2.2 Water-spirits live in village under water Iceland, Swiss
 F420.2.3 Water-spirits have garden German
 F420.2.4 When water-spirits are outside their homes the seas are heavy
 F420.2.5 Water-spirits have hearth made of three human skulls India
 F420.3 Social life among water-spirits
 F420.3.1 Water-spirits have family life under water French, German
 F420.3.2 Water-spirits have likings and occupations like human beings
 F420.3.2.1 Water-spirits dance India
 F420. Water-maidens dance at village fair German
 F420.3.2.2 Water-women come to market and store French, German
 F420.3.2.3 Water-women wash and hang up laundry on beach French, German
 F420.3.2.4 Water-spirits bake German
 F420.3.2.5 Water-spirits mend clothes German
 F420.3.2.6 Water-maidens spin German
 F420.3.2.7 Water-man cuts osier to make wicker basket Austrian, German
 F420.3.3 Water-spirits have kingdom under water: queen, king, attendants, vassals Czech, German, Livonian
 F420.3.4 Water-spirits have laws
 F420.3.4.1 Water-spirits must be in water before midnight; delay is punished with death indicated by blood in water German
 F420.3.4.2 Water-spirits must be in water before dawn; delay is punished with death French, German
 F420.3.5 Water-spirits visited by mortal Lappish
 F420.4 Characteristics of water-spirits
 F420.4.1 Water-spirits possess magic power French, German
 F420.4.1.1 Protean transformation of water-spirit Greek, Slavic
 F420.4.2 Water-spirits have supernatural lapse of time: days seem like years
 F420.4.3 Water-spirits are cannibals: devour mortal victim, suck blood German
 F420.4.4 Water-spirits are grateful Austrian, Danish, Finnish-Swedish, German, Swedish
 F420.4.5 Water-spirits are jealous
 F420.4.6 Water-man is rendered powerless if kept away from water French, German
 F420.4.6.1 Water-women are powerless when their garments are taken Iceland
 F420.4.7 Seeing and observing of water-spirits has fatal consequences French, German
 F420.4.8 Water-spirits have treasures under water French, German
 F420.4.9 Water-spirit controls water-supply India, Shangang
 F420.4.10 Water-spirits are prophetic Dutch
 F420.5 Deeds and actions of water-spirits
 F420.5.1 Kind water-spirits
 F420.5.1.1 Water-spirits protect and warn sailor against storm and in tempest Austrian, Finnish-Swedish, Lappish, Livonian, Swedish
 F420. Water-spirits save shipwrecked people Iceland
 F420.5.1.2 Water-spirits help poor German
 F420.5.1.3 Water-spirits help lovers
 F420.5.1.4 Water-spirits work as servants for mortal for small compensation Finnish-Swedish, German, Swedish
 F420.5.1.5 Water-spirits work as servants for mortal but disappear when compensation is offered or origin suspected Czech, German
 F420.5.1.6 Water-spirits work at night in home of mortals German
 F420.5.1.7 Water-spirits give gifts to mortals
 F420. Water-spirits give money, gold, or precious stones German
 F420. Seemingly worthless gifts of water-spirits turn to gold German
 F420. Water-spirits give magic gifts Austrian
 F420. Water-spirit returns to the woodchopper a silver axe in place of the one he has lost Japanese, Lappish
 F420. Water-spirit gives mortal fish India
 F420.5.1.8 Water-spirits give advice Austrian
 F420.5.1.9 Water-spirits adopt human foundling German
 F420.5.1.10 Water-spirits save man from drowning Iceland
 F420.5.2 Malevolent water-spirits Iceland
 F420.5.2.1 Water-spirits lure mortal into water Danish, Ireland
 F420. Water-maiden enamors man and draws him under water French, German, Greek, Iceland, India, U.S.
 F420. Water-spirits lure children into water, offering objects Austrian, England, French
 F420. Hero drowned by water-spirits, who draw him down as he crosses ice N. A. Indian
 F420. Water-goddess allows body of drowning person to come up three times India
 F420. Water-spirit drags children into river England
 F420. Water-spirit claims a life every seven years England
 F420.5.2.2 Water-spirits kidnap mortals and keep them under water Cameroon, Chinese, French, German, India, Ireland, Japanese, Lappish
 F420. Water-spirit returns kidnapped man in return for release of his long hair India
 F420. Mistreated boy sings unto water spirits to take him: waters rise up in tank to engulf him India
 F420.5.2.3 Water-spirit keeps souls of drowned persons in dishes in his home German
 F420.5.2.4 Water-spirits steal children and leave changeling German
 F420.5.2.5 Water-spirits interfere with building bridges, dams German
 F420.5.2.6 Water-spirits take revenge on mortals
 F420. Water-spirits take revenge if yearly tribute is not given Danish, French, German
 F420. Water-spirits take revenge for trespassing on ground they claim as theirs German
 F420. Water-spirits take revenge for being harmed French, German
 F420. Water-spirits avenge selves on mortal who fails to keep promise French, German
 F420. Water-maidens avenge selves for scorned love German
 F420. Water-spirits take revenge on mortals for pollution of water Cheremis
 F420.5.2.7 Water-spirit turns boat in circle German
 F420. Water-spirit crushes boat Iceland
 F420. Water-spirit shakes ship Iceland
 F420. Water-spirit wrecks ship Iceland, Tiatinagua
 F420. Water-spirit holds ship back Iceland
 F420.5.2.8 Water-spirit splashes passing people
 F420.5.2.9 Water-spirits lead travelers astray German
 F420.5.2.10 Water-man sits on back of persons as heavy burden German
 F420.5.2.11 Water-spirits cause blindness Cheremis
 F420.5.2.12 Water-spirit causes illness and death Bakuba, Bushongo
 F420.5.3 Other actions of water-spirits
 F420.5.3.1 Water-spirits sit on beach combing their long hair Austrian, French
 F420.5.3.2 Water-spirit calls human midwife German
 F420.5.3.3 Water-spirits call human godmother German
 F420.5.3.4 Water-spirit flees if holy name, ceremony, or blessed object is used Danish, German
 F420.5.3.6 Water-spirit demands food from those it takes across stream Jamaica
 F420.5.3.7 Water-spirits prophesies Iceland
 F420.6 Marriage of water-spirits
 F420.6.1 Marriage or liaison of mortals and water-spirits India
 F420.6.1.1 Water-man woos mortal girl England, German, India, Wales, Warrau
 F420.6.1.2 Water-spirit offers gift to mortal to win love Cashinawa, German
 F420.6.1.3 Mortal goes to home of water-spirits and marries Czech, French, German, India
 F420.6.1.4 Water-maiden goes to home of mortal and marries Iceland
 F420.6.1.5 Water-maidens make conditions for lovers French, German, India
 F420.6.1.6 Offspring of marriage between mortal and water-spirit Iceland
 F420.6.1.7 Water-spirit surprises and rapes a mortal woman
 F420.6.2 Love and marriage between water-spirits and other spirits
 F420.6.2.1 Water-man marries fairy German
 F420.6.2.2 Water-maiden marries giant German
 F420.6.2.3 Water-maiden is wooed by dwarf German
 F420.7 Miscellaneous motifs connected with water-spirits
 F420.7.1 Visit to water-goddess‘s underwater home India
 F426 Spirit of water-fall German, Iceland
 F429 Other water-spirits
 F451.3.4.8 Dwarfs carry water Danish
 F451. Dwarf wishes death to mortal who throws water on his dunghill home Greenland
 F451.5.10.6 Dwarfs pay for being ferried across water Danish, German
 F451.9.5 Emigrating dwarfs are ferried across water German
 F531.2.1.3 Waters of Deluge reach to giant‘s ankles Jewish
 F531.3.1.1 Water enters into giant‘s boots from above Estonian, Finnish, Finnish-Swedish, Swedish
 F531. Giant holds back water of river with his foot India
 F531.6.2.2 Giants live under water
 F531. Giant‘s home beneath waterfall in lake Iceland
 F531. Giant flies over water like bird Ireland
 F562.3 Residence in (under) water Ireland
 F636.3 Remarkable pourer of water Italian
 F639.1.2 Strong man’s finger digs into ground with such force that water gushes out Jewish
 F651 Remarkable power to walk directly to nearest water Ireland
 F691 Man can breathe nine days under water Ireland
 F710 Extraordinary bodies of water
 F710.1 Water resembling fire Buddhist, Jewish
 F711.4 Fresh water in sea
 F711.4.1 Stream of fresh water flows through the sea Jewish
 F713.2.1 Extremely deep water Jewish
 F716.1 Fountain gives water on Wednesdays and Fridays Ireland
 F716.2 Spring with water lighter than wood and with scent of violets
 F718.2 Perfectly round well contains vari-colored water Ireland
 F718.4 Well water tastes like oil, wine, and honey Ireland
 F718.10 Well in shape of a sieve-like rock, out of which water gushes forth Jewish
 F725.6 Bell brought from monastery under water Ireland
 F725.7 Lovely garden under water, with marvelous tree India
 F744 Island surrounded by wall of fire; water prevents it from being consumed India
 F771.1.5.4 Underwater castle with walls of gold and diamonds India
 F771.2.4.1 Palace surrounded by rivers of wine, rose-water and honey
 F771.3.7 Palace at bottom of water tank India
 F771.7 Palace surrounded by rivers of wine, rosewater, and honey India
 F839.2.2 Edge of shield sharp enough to cut hair on water Ireland
 F842.2.3.2 Under-water bridge Ireland
 F842.2.4 Under-water causeway (to otherworld) Ireland
 F855.2 Statues animated by water or wind
 F866.7.2 Saint able to carry fluid (water, wine, or oil) in broken container, bottomless jar, etc
 F866.7.2.1 Boy Jesus carries water in his cloak when water bottle is broken
 F883.1.4 Books unscathed by water and fire Jewish
 F913.1 Smith swallowed by water-monster and rescued by saint Ireland
 F914.1 Princess stands in middle of dried-up tank so serpent will release the water, which he had swallowed up completely India
 F914.2 Buffalo sucks hero with water it is drinking and throws him up again in game of hide-and-seek India
 F930 Extraordinary occurrences concerning seas or waters
 F930.1 Book dropped in water by saint not wet Ireland
 F930.2 Waters rise to drown wrongdoer Ireland
 F930.3 Water sinks to bottom, mud rises to surface to keep prophet from drowning Jewish
 F930.4 Waters transformed to blood for Egyptians but not for Hebrews Jewish
 F930.5 Water stops flowing when no longer needed Jewish
 F930.6 Water chants song Jewish
 F930.7 Waters dissolve mill-stones Jewish
 F930.8 Chewed nut spread on waters clarifies them Hawaii
 F931.9.1 Waters of sea arch over people like a vault Jewish
 F931.9.2.1 Sea flows sweet water Jewish
 F932.6.2 River dries up its waters out of sympathy India
 F932.6.3 In dead of night waters of stream cease flowing and stand perfectly still India
 F932.11 Firelike waters of river used by strange beings to cook flesh Chiriguano
 F933.1.1 Spring bursts forth where saint spills water from his bell Ireland
 F933.4 Severed head of impious man in well causes water to become bitter during part of each day Ireland
 F934.5 When dead man‘s body is thrown into lake, water turns pitch black and all living creatures therein die India
 F935.1 Huge tank has no water in spite of plentiful rains India
 F940 Extraordinary underground (underwater) disappearance Chinese, Iceland
 F949 Extraordinary underground (underwater) disappearance--miscellaneous
 F950.9 Healing by sprinkling water and replacing flesh Chinese
 F952.6 Blindness cured by drop of water from side of crucified Saviour Ireland
 F962.2.3 Fire from heaven cannot be quenched by water Jewish
 F964.4 Blazing stick continues to burn even in water India
 F979.14 Grub’s urine waters tree India
 F996 Waters react to words of poet Ireland
 F1033.1 Person lives on water (from holy well) for a year Ireland
 F1041.16.6.6 Water boils when angry warrior is immersed in it Ireland
 F1041.16.11 Earl throws jar of water after undesired messenger Iceland
 F1047 Anchor floats on water Breton
 F1081 Tub of water dropped neither breaks nor spills Ireland
 G11.5 Water cannibal Cherokee, Spanish
 G131 Giant ogre never crosses water Canada, French Canadian
 G241.4.2 Witches travel on water in eggshells England, U.S.
 G241.4.3 Witch travels over water in a sieve or a riddle Carolina, England, North Carolina, Scotland
 G259.5 Witch stretches out her hand and brings water from ocean without getting out of her bed; is recognized India
 G269.23 Witch causes lovers on stile to think they are surrounded by water England
 G271.2.2 Witch exorcised by holy water Iceland, Ireland
 G271.4.7 Breaking spell by burying bottle of water, preventing witch from urinating until the bottle is emptied England, U.S.
 G272.8 Pouring water on fire from new cup protects from witch Carolina, North Carolina
 G299.1 Witch calls up spirits of dead, causes them to walk on water U.S.
 G303.1.2.1 God finds the devil sitting under a tree which was made by his throwing his staff into the water
 G303.1.4.1 The devil creates devils by casting water behind himself
 G303.3.4.11 Devil as stream of water Jewish
 G303.8.8 Devil lives in the water
 G303.9.2.4 Devil and Drake carry waters of English Channel from Dartmoor to Plymouth England
 G303.16.7 Devil is chased by holy water Finnish-Swedish, French, Ireland, Lithuanian, Swedish, U.S., Wales, West Indies
 G303.16.19.13 Devil cannot follow man over running water England, Ireland
 G308.2 Water-monster Ireland
 G336 Ogre draws victims under water
 G336.1 Demon drags beneath the water any person whose shadow falls on surface of water India
 G346.4 Evil spirit drinks water supply dry India
 G423 Ball falling into water puts person into ogre’s (witch‘s, water spirit’s) power
 G424 Bridal party will not pass over bridge for fear of water-demon
 G426 Ogre draws girl over waterfall Kodiak
 G527 Giant killed by his own bucket of death water; captive princess tells him to wash India
 G639 Ogress lives in water Iceland
 H71.10.2 Water stands still before prince
 H75.1 Identification by hair found floating on water N. A. Indian
 H221.4 Ordeal by boiling water Iceland, India, Ireland
 H222 Ordeal by water Greek, India, Ireland, Jewish, Lithuanian, West Indies
 H222.0.1 Ordeal by water applied by druids Ireland
 H222.2 Ordeal by holy water Italian, U.S.
 H222.3 Guilt or innocence shown by effect of enchanted water Ireland
 H222.4 Sanctity of books tested by throwing them into water Ireland
 H251.2.2 Magic stone detects perjury: sheds water Ireland
 H251.2.3 Stone on which saint was born pours forth water when perjury is committed under it Ireland
 H251.3.7 Magic object cast on water sinks if person is guilty Ireland
 H328.5 Suitor test: bathing in boiling water India
 H331.10 Suitor contest: carrying one hundred jugs of water from sea to castle in one day India
 H411.4.1 Drinking bitter water as chastity test Jewish
 H411.11.1 Unchaste woman dips arm into the water: skin boiled away
 H413.2 Special power of chaste woman: making ball of water England, India
 H413.3 Special power of chaste woman: carrying water in sieve England, India
 H506.10 Test of resourcefulness: to find relationships among three sticks: they are put in vessel of water; degree of sinking shows what part of tree each comes from India
 H509.2 Contest in making mouths water India
 H588.21 Enigmatic advice: take only salt and water as food India
 H599.1 Girl will not drink of water which had no father or mother (i India
 H648.2 What is best? Water
 H696.1 Riddle: how much water is in the sea? Anderson FFC XLII 134
 H696.1.1 How much water is in the sea? Stop all the rivers and I will measure it Japanese
 H696.1.2 How much water is in the sea? So and so much, and if you don‘t believe it, go measure it yourself
 H696.1.3 How much water is in the sea? A tub-full if the tub is large enough
 H696.1.4 How many measures of water are in the river? India: Thompson-Balys India
 H765 From wooden spring iron bucket makes stones from which water flows Jewish
 H822.1 What is the land that has seen the sun only once? (The land on which the waters were gathered after the creation Jewish
 H824 Riddle: what is that which has drunk water for its sustenance and eaten after its death? (Moses’s staff, which became a serpent
 H842.1 What animal which lives in sea-water will drown if taken out of it? (Gním Abraein Ireland
 H1023.2 Task: carrying water in a sieve Ackawoi, India, Japanese, Lithuanian
 H1023.2.0.1 Task: carrying water in sieve; sieve filled with moss England, Georgia
 H1023.2.0.2 Task: carrying water in sieve; pious child able to do so
 H1023.2.1 Task: carrying water in leaky vessel Angola, Basuto, Breton, India, Kaffir, Mpongwe, Zulu
 H1023.2.1.1 Task: carrying water in leaky vessel; vessel repaired with clay or gum Basuto, Mpongwe
 H1023.2.1.2 Task: carrying water in leaky vessel; frog sits in hole India
 H1023.2.2 Hero sets wife to task of filling water-bottle with spout turned downward Hawaii
 H1023.2.4 Task: filling a bottomless water tube India
 H1023.20 Task: fetching water from the well in a bucket without the use of rope to draw it with India
 H1023.24 Suitor asked to bathe in great cauldron of boiling water without making water lukewarm India
 H1046.1 Task: dipping water without wetting dipper India
 H1073 Task: filling glasses with water that has neither fallen from heaven nor sprung from the earth
 H1109.1 Task: bringing water from distant fountain more quickly than a witch Spanish
 H1132.1.1.1 Test: recovering ring from water India
 H1138 Task: supplying water in land where it is lacking Iceland
 H1144.1 Task: to collect together all the drops of water Jewish
 H1151.21 Task: stealing magic healing water Canada, French Canadian
 H1154.11 Task: obtaining marrow of wild pig, lard of wild boar, water bird (coot?) Cross, Fable, Ireland, Pebans
 H1199.7 Task: swine to eat fish of certain waters Ireland
 H1239.4 Man with magic knowledge defeats his competitors in quest by misinforming them about the character of country they will be traveling (for a place where there is no water he makes them bring loads of wood; for a place where water is he makes them bring along loads of water) India
 H1292.1 Question (propounded on quest): Why has spring gone dry? Answer: Animal to be removed from its water-vein Iceland
 H1292.1.1 Question (propounded on quest): Why does no one ever drink water of two certain wells? Answer: In their last birth they had been two Brahman women and whenever they wanted to give alms they gave only to each other India
 H1292.9 Question (on quest): When will a certain water-animal be freed from an annoyance? (Various answers) India, Italian
 H1321 Quest for marvelous water India, Jewish
 H1321.1 Quest for Water of Life (water which will resuscitate) Hawaii, India, Italian
 H1321.2 Quest for healing water Arabian, French, India, Spanish
 H1321.3 Quest for the water of youth
 H1321.4 Quest for dancing water Italian
 H1321.5 Quest for singing water
 H1331.1.5 Quest for fat of water blackbirds Ireland
 H1377.1 Quest for glass of all waters Spanish
 H1441 Fearless hero frightened by being awakened with cold water
 H1484.1 Large fire and water for washing eyes as device of expectant lover Ireland
 H1543 Contest in remaining under water Jewish, Madagascar
 J64 Ducklings take to water from instinct Italian
 J67 Drops of water make hollow in stone: thus repeated impressions penetrate mind Jewish
 J67.1 Lazy pupil determines to be more diligent by watching man building home one wattle at a time, and seeing how water fills hole one drop at a time Ireland
 J84 Picking up water thrown on ground no harder than the undoing of slander Spanish
 J97 Lotus flower flourishes as long as it is in water: king should not leave castle India
 J101 Crow drops pebbles into water jug so as to be able to drink
 J125.1 The wine needs no further water
 J157.1 Wisdom from dream: the leper with the cup of water
 J369.1 Solomon refuses water of immortality for himself when he cannot have it for his possessions also
 J651.2 Man inattentive to the danger of drowning enters water to save treasure and is drowned
 J818.1 Yogi advises yogi blood for making king‘s leaky tank hold water: king cuts off yogi’s head India
 J971 Flies try to drink water from elephant‘s ears
 J1149.11 Washing test: defendants given basin of water India
 J1176.1 Pouring water into the inkwell
 J1183.1 Prisoner has drunk water furnished by the king and thus becomes king‘s guest
 J1312 The watered wine
 J1312.1 Serve the water and the wine separately
 J1534 Deer captured in bird-net: water flows upstream
 J1545.9 Wife shows deep water England
 J1782.2.1 Sound of water dripping on dinner pail thought to be ghost using pick in mine U.S.
 J1791 Reflection in water thought to be the original of the thing reflected
 J1791.3.3 Moon‘s reflection thought to be gold in water India
 J1791.5.1 Shooting at enemy’s reflection in water N. A. Indian
 J1791.5.2 Man throws stone at own reflection in water India
 J1791.5.3 Frog leaps into water after elephant‘s reflection India
 J1791.6.0.1 Woman dives in water three times after reflected image of man peering down from a tree Marquesas
 J1791.6.1 Ugly woman sees beautiful woman reflected in water and thinks it is herself Indonesia, Italian
 J1791.6.2 Ogre sees beautiful woman reflected in water Japanese
 J1791.7 Man does not recognize his own reflection in the water American Negro, Hawaii, India, Indonesia
 J1791.9 Fools see bee‘s nest reflected in water: try to carry off the well
 J1791.10 Fool sees golden-crested bird reflected in water
 J1791.12 Elephant frightened at agitated reflection of moon in water India
 J1792.1 Dove sees painted cups of water and dashes into them
 J1813.1 Mushrooms shrink in water Rhodesia
 J1901.2 Numskull feeds hens hot water so they will lay boiled eggs England
 J1903.1 The water on the calf’s back
 J1932.7 Stones watered to make them grow Hawaii
 J1952 Fire and water mixed to make sacrifice
 J1959.1.1 Hot sickle put into water to cure its fever India
 J1973 Tree pulled down in order to give it water to drink
 J2093.1 Numskull gives away the old water bag in which the money is hid
 J2119.4 Numskulls bore hole in boat in order to make water run out
 J2126 Numskull to water roots of tree
 J2133.10 Monkey jumps into water after a butterfly Indonesia
 J2137.3 Bee rests on water lily which closes over it at night and kills it
 J2137.4 Crocodile swallows water-snake, which kills him
 J2214.9 Dipping into cold water to cure fever, since hot iron is so cooled India
 J2226 Learn to swim before going into the water Russian
 J2311.1.3 Man believes, he will die when water falls on his head India
 J2415.3 Crab tries to imitate bird who lays egg in pot of boiling water India
 J2461.1.3 Literal numskull throws water on roasting pig
 J2465.1.1 Watering the cow (by pouring water on it) India
 J2465.4.1 Heating water for woman to wash in India
 J2478 The numskull buys water at market
 J2513 Plenty of holy water
 K16.2 Diving match: trickster eats food while dupe is under water Angola, Carolina, Georgia, Jamaica, Kaffir, South Carolina
 K62 Contest in squeezing water from a stone African, Caucasian, Danish, Georgia, Malay, Philippine
 K82.1 Deceptive drinking contest: hole for water Iceland, Indonesia
 K113.0.1 Seven devils’ wives imitate ritual of death and resuscitation done over hero; not having the real water of life and death, the seven enemy devils are killed India
 K144.2 Earthen pot with rice water on top of which clarified butter had been poured sold as a pot of clarified butter India
 K231.6.2.1 Trickster returns a bottle of water instead of the bottle of rum he has just purchased U.S.
 K231.6.2.2 Trickster fills his gallon jug half full of water, then has it filled with rum at the store U.S.
 K231.8 Toad receives water from frog; refuses earth in return
 K251.5 Damages for accidentally broken water pot: to pay for elephant India
 K287 Watered milk sold India
 K337 Oversalting food of giant so that he must go outside for water Iceland
 K337.1 Thief sends owner for water in leaky basket California Indian
 K439.7.1 Tortoise asks greedy man to give him first ruby it has given him to be sure second one will be perfect match: disappears into water with it India
 K439.11 Thief hides in large bottle to get into room: bottle put into water to boil India
 K476.3 Water sold as wine Italian
 K476.3.1 Innkeeper serves sweetened water for wine, cat for rabbit, mule for beef
 K481 Demi-coq by means of his magic animals and magic water collects money French
 K499.9 Treacherous friend drinks out of other’s flask to save the water in his own Buddhist
 K551.17 Respite from death for drink of water India, Korea
 K551.17.1 Kidnapped woman escapes by asking for drink of water India
 K558.2 Man asks to be beheaded standing in tank of water India
 K605 Cannibal sent for water with vessel full of holes: victim escapes Hawaii, Indonesia, Tahiti
 K605.1 Cannibal sent for water which magically recedes from him: victim escapes New Zealand
 K611.2.1 Escape from madman by sending him for cooking water India
 K634.2 Master thief persuades captors to dive into water: steals their clothes India
 K831.1.1 Trickster sends dupe to well for drink of water; pushes him in India
 K891.3 Monkey tricked into jumping in water and drowning self India
 K892 Dupe crowded into the water: drowns Tembe
 K926 Victim pushed into water Buddhist, India
 K952.1.1 Jackal, swallowed by elephant so it can drink water in his belly, eats elephant‘s liver and kills him India
 K1022.2.1 Water-monster, trying to pull horse into water, is dragged to house where he begs for his life and is spared Japanese
 K1042 Water bird takes dupe to sea: shakes him off into water Indonesia
 K1046 Dupe persuaded to scald self with hot water in order to learn languages Cheremis
 K1077 Men tricked into bathing in ”disease-water“ India
 K1081.3 Blind men duped into fighting: strings leading to water removed N. A. Indian
 K1462 Washing the grandmother--in boiling water India, New Britain, Spanish
 K1462.1 To heat water for master‘s bath India
 K1567 Husband tricks wife into riding a mule which has been denied water Italian
 K1626.3 Boiling water meant for cooking hero used for man who has prepared it Amuesha
 K1645 Woman ordered to strip has lover turn his back; pushes him into water (pit) U.S.
 K1725.2 Tiger thinks sound of water dropping is sound of dreadful monster: flees India
 K1741.3.1 Bluff: told to bring water in an ox skin, hero prepares to dig a canal Bluff, Cheremis
 K1889.6 Palace appears to be floating on water--actually glass India
 K1894 False proof: cloak dipped into water used as evidence of stormy weather Ireland
 K1911.2.2 True bride pushed into water by false India, Japanese
 K1931.1.1 Impostor tries to push foster brother into the water and then cuts rope so that he drifts alone out on the sea in boat without oars Iceland, Tonga
 K2061.5 Famished wolf asks sheep to bring him water: plan detected Spanish
 K2175 Grandmother causes grandchildren to be whipped: puts dirt and hairs into cooking pot by stealth and sand in the water they draw India
 K2314.2.1 Water-monster allows saint to place cauldron over its head until Luan Ireland
 M205.1.1 Turtle carrying man through water upsets him because of a broken promise Chinese
 M205.1.1.1 Fish (whale) carrying man through water shakes him off when man strikes him with coconut Tahiti, Tuamotu
 M211.1.1 Man goes to well at midnight on Old Christmas to see water turned into wine England, U.S.
 M341.2.3.1 Death by drowning: man strangles to death on drinking water Estonian, India, Ireland
 M341.2.26 Prophecy: king’s son to die for lack of water Buddhist
 N228 Leopard tied in bag in water floats to shore and finds a mate India
 N255.6 Old man burns self with gunpowder, and then burns himself worse when he pours hot water over his body India
 N311 Separation of persons caused by looking for water India
 N339.10 Youth gazing at own image reflected in water falls and drowns Ireland
 N426 Poor man carries unwittingly in his water jar a large scorpion which brings him fortune India
 N452.1 Remedy for lack of water in certain place overheard in conversation of animals (demons) Lithuanian
 N513 Treasure hidden under the water Danish, Iceland
 N513.1 Man jumps into the sea, river or waterfall with his treasure Iceland
 N513.2 Sword hidden under water Iceland
 N626 Ass falls into water and catches fish in his ear
 N646 Man thinks to end life by drinking poisonous water, but it cures him India
 N661 Sleeping king abducted by fairies wakes when his foot touches water Ireland
 N711.5 Prince (king) finds girl floating on water in basket: marries her India, Italian
 N785 Adventures from seeking water Iceland, Ireland
 N812.6 Ogre magically produces water for caravan Buddhist
 N815.0.2 Helpful water-spirit India
 P192.3 Fool can walk on water Ireland
 P192.4 Fool can live under water Ireland
 P443.0.1 Water-miller Iceland
 Q221.8 Theft from water-deity punished India
 Q431.16 Boy banished for breaking women’s water pots India
 Q465.4 Punishment: throwing into water-filled lime pit Jewish
 Q467.1 Casting into water in sack (barrel) as punishment Italian
 Q467.2 Thief cast into water in a sack containing a cock, a snake, and a monkey Italian
 Q467.4 Man thrown into waterfall as punishment for alleged violating of princess Iceland
 Q512.1 Punishment: filling leaky vessels with water from a bottomless jar Greek
 Q521.1.1 Penance: crawling on knees and watering a dry staff until it blooms Penance
 Q521.1.2 Penance: carrying water in mouth from a distance and watering dry staff until it blooms Penance
 Q541.1 Penance: sitting in water Ireland, Penance
 Q541.2 Penance: standing in water for forty days Ireland, Penance
 Q544 Penance: being locked in cellar (well) with key thrown into water Penance
 Q552.3.6 Punishment: water famine India
 Q559.3 Body of murdered man cannot be moved nor can water be drawn from a well to wash it Italian
 R41.3.2 Prison with stream of water in it
 R46 Captivity under water India
 R153.3.5 Fathers thrust sons above water even as they themselves drown
 R351 Fugitive discovered by reflection in water Chinese, India, Indonesia, Japanese, Melanesia, New Guinea, N. A. Indian
 S142 Person thrown into the water and abandoned Buddhist, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italian, Tahiti, Tonga, Tuamotu
 S261.0.1 Human blood mixed with rice to make leaky tanks hold water India
 S263.3 Person sacrificed to water spirit to secure water supply Fulah, Hausa, India, Lamba
 S263.3.1 Human sacrifice to water serpent to secure tribal prosperity Senegambia
 S263.3.2 Serpent in stream demands pair of human eyes for drink of water India
 S263.3.3 Raja sacrifices his entire family so as to purify lake water India
 S264.1.2 Woman drowns herself as sacrifice to water-gods to save husband’s boat from capsizing Japanese
 S432 Cast-off wife thrown into water India, Teton, N. A. Indian
 T11.5 Falling in love with reflection in water India, Japanese
 T11.5.1 Falling in love with one’s own reflection in water Italian
 T211.1.1 Woman drowns herself as sacrifice to water-gods to save husband’s boat from capsizing Japanese
 T254.6.1 Wife refuses to bring husband warm water: is beaten India
 T315.2.1 The audacious water and the continent husband Ireland
 T317.1 Repression of lust through sitting in water
 T511.2.2 Conception from eating watercress Ireland
 T511.5.2 Conception from swallowing worm (in drink of water) Ireland
 T512.3 Conception from drinking water Chinese, Iceland, India
 T512.3.1 Conception from drinking holy water Ireland
 T546 Birth from water
 V1.6.2 Worship of water
 V1. Worship of water-goddess India
 V51.1 Man who does not know how to pray so holy that he walks on water Lithuanian, Russian
 V132 Holy water Iceland, Ireland
 V132.1 Holy water prevents a man from committing incest with his daughter
 V132.2 Holy water disperses demons Ireland
 V132.2.1 Holy water removes mark placed on man’s face by the devil
 V132.3 Drinking holy water facilitates cursing Ireland
 V134.3 Fish in water from certain well: water refuses to boil till fish are returned to well Ireland
 V134.4 Ducks in pool in church: water in which they are placed refuses to boil till ducks are restored to pool Ireland
 V221.0.1.2 The wine (water) occasionally used to bathe relics assumes healing powers
 V232.2.0.1 Angel carries boat to water Ireland
 V232.3.1 Angel shows saint where to dig for water Ireland
 V284 During a flood the Virgin descends into the streets to save her image from the flood waters U.S.
 V325 Baptismal water vanishes before Aryan bishop
 V383.2 Hindu drinks water by mistake from Mohammedan‘s vessel: his fortune turns to evil India
 W111.1.3 Man will not move in bed when water drops in his eyes
 W128.6 Sparrow dissatisfied with pond water wants to go to sea India
 W152.12.1 Farmer gets help up early in morning for a light breakfast: a glass of water and a lantern Canada
 W154.5.1.3 Ungrateful ape plucks feathers from heron who has carried him across water Indonesia
 W155.5 Permission refused to drink from water tank India
 X32 Wager with overdressed youths that servant can carry a large bucket of water upstairs Italian
 X1114.2 Tiger lies in water with mouth open: cat drives fish in India
 X1130.3 Water of stream or lake freezes just as frogs jump into lake Canada, U.S.
 X1215.12 Lie: greyhounds drag mill out of water
 X1411.1.1 Lie: large watermelon U.S.
 X1540 Lies about water features
 X1545.1 Water passage through the earth U.S.
 X1642 Lie: clouds beaten by man until they promise to water his crops thrice daily India
 X1643.1 Lie: bullfrogs several years old cannot swim -- have never had water to learn in Canada, U.S.
 X1654.2.1 Lie: heavy rain of boiling water melts palace India
 X1737 Man stays under water for long time
 X1739.2 Lie: man makes drinking water from his own skull
 X1781.1 Boat sailing over dry river bed (rice water) India
 Z33.4.1 Louse and crow make covenant of friendship: louse eats crow despite crow saying, “If I strike you once with my beak you will disappear; how then can you talk of eating me?” Likewise louse eats loaf of bread, she-goat, cow, buffalo, five sepoys, wedding procession with one lakh of people, elephant, tank of water India
 Z185 Mill turned by the water of the grace of God as symbol of saint Ireland
 Z311.3 Leprosy cured by holy water except on thumb India

About StorySearch

The Project

This website is a search engine of almost 50,000 patterns within stories world over called "Motifs" and several projects fueled by this search engine.

The Motif Collection

The work comes from a folklorist named Stith Thompson who spent his life reading and cataloging these stories which he published as the Motif Index of Folklore and Literature. You can read more about his work here: Wikipedia page for Stith Thompson

The Goal

While we have Mr. Thompson's motifs, we have yet to track down all of the stories he read, which is our ultimate goal. We then will provide the stories for all to read, explore and see the connections and commonalities between these stories which we hope to further understandings between cultures and deeper into ourselves.

The Stories

Of course, since there are a current total of 46,248 motifs, we've estimated there to be as many as 51,822 stories which might take some time to collect.

The Strategy

For now, we are working to build a crowdsourcing application to help us collect, organize these stories along with tagging the motifs within them.

Until then, please use the following FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions about Story Search

What do you use this site for?

We use it to find stories, or to know there are stories worldwide with patterns in them. From there, we've found three common uses:

Writing, Films & Other Creative Story-based Projects
We might write a story with a motif as it's seed, develop more interesting aspects to a character in a story, or help develop hidden symbols within a film. We also frequently get asked for consulting help if you'd like help, please let us know.
Lectures, Professional & other Metaphor Development
Another common request is from people wanting to tell better stories in their work. This might be someone trying to communicate a tricky idea which is in need of a good metaphor. Since we know these "story seeds" have proven themselves to be quite memorable, we try to adapt motifs to fit as a solid and simple metaphor. We've helped Scientists, Lawyers, Medical Organizations, and even those in the Financials Industry to help better convey what they are doing by telling a better story.
Storytelling, Mentoring & Narrative Therapy
And last (usually the most important in the story world) but not least, we do a lot of work with how people can grow and develop parts of who they are and the connection therein through story. So, we might tell research specific stories to tell a child or youth who is working through an issue, such as dealing with anger, attention issues, or life changes by carefully choosing a motif which can help them understand what they're dealing with. (This works well for adults too.)

If you find a new usage for these, please tell us.

What exactly is a Motif?

A Motif is a trait common between two stories. They can be from nearby places, but the interesting ones (we find) are from very different parts of the world. That is to say, two ideas that simultaneously erupted most likely independently. This is because we can then develop a theory about well, pretty much anything.

Let's give you an example of two excerpts from stories so you can spot their motifs.

Sedna - Eskimo

In this mortal peril the father determined to offer Sedna to the birds and flung her overboard. She clung to the edge of the boat with a death grip. The cruel father then took a knife and cut off the first joints of her fingers. Falling into the sea they were transformed into whales, the nails turning into whalebone. Sedna holding on to the boat more tightly, the second finger joints fell under the sharp knife and swam away as seals; when the father cut off the stumps of the fingers they became ground seals.

Handless Maiden - Germany

The devil still could not approach her, he was very angry, and ordered the miller, "Chop off her hands, so I can get to her."
The miller was horrified and answered, "How could I chop off my dear child's hands? No, I will not do it."
"Then do you know what? I will take you, if you don't do it!"
That frightened the miller terribly, and driven by fear he promised to do what the devil had ordered. He went to his daughter and said, "My child, the devil will take me if I don't chop off both your hands, and I have promised him that I will do it. I beg for your forgiveness."
"Father," she said, "do with me what you will," stretched forth her hands, and let him chop them off.


What could we infer about this story? Well, we might use it to interpret a major plot point in another storyline such as Star Wars, Winter's Bone or Game of Thrones.

We might see it as a symbol for the the loss of ability, that is to say, the loss of the ability to do things.

And so, it might be a useful story to tell someone who has issues with motivation, or the lack of the ability to do things.

We'd also be very curious what the relationship between the symbolic "father" is in each of these stories is, including the three newer stories we mentioned.

Where did you get all of the info about Motifs and Stories?

This search engine is a digitized version of the life work comes of a folklorist named Stith Thompson who spent his life reading and cataloging stories which he published as the Motif Index of Folklore and Literature. This book is very hard to come by, as are many of the books Mr. Thompson referenced. We will be collecting the stories (with the help of folks on the internet) to allow everyone to enjoy and educate themselves about this work.

I have a story I'd really like to find. Can you send it to me?

If we can find it, yes, we will definitely try to so you're always welcome to ask. We don't have digital copies of all of the books referenced in the search engine yet, but we currently have more than two thirds of the 800 or so. Feel free to use the contact form, and we will let you know what we can do.

When I be able to read all of the stories online?

That is hard to tell because it is dependent on two things: our helpers and funds.

  Feedback - If you have feedback to offer as far as features you'd like, or requests for stories, this helps us polish the new systems we are putting in place in order to collect all of Stith's stories. Don't hesitate to use our contact form.

  Donate Time - If you would like to donate some of your time to help comb stories, please fill out the form below.

  Donate Funds - Or, you can use the fully tax deductible donation to our 501(c)3 non-profit hosting organization the Center for Symbolic Studies via a form at

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TEDx - Lower East Side

Here is a talk by the creator of the Story Search, Richard Schwab, did on myth featuring stories about ways we use this site. October 25th 2013.


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